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SPCharming: Chapter 13
Author: BlackLynx17

Lucy was raised as a Princess, and what does every Princess need? A Prince! So far that hasn't turned out well. Finally when she meets a decend guy he decides to buy her and have her for his wife... That Prince doesn't know what he barged for. Outrage Lucy makes it her personal mission to escape and maybe cause some havoc while she's there.


Chapter 13

"Go Aquarius attack!" Little Lucy yelled.

Aquarius summoned her powers and sent a wave of water towards Lucy.

"No Aquarius! Towards Capricorn! Towards Capricorn! Ahhhhhh!" Lucy yelled cowering in a ball.

Capricorn rushed towards Lucy and grabbed her, saving her from Aquarius's wave. Aquarius returned back to her key while Capricorn walked Lucy over to her Mother.

"Mother I don't want Aquarius! She always tries to hurt me! She hates me!" Lucy yelled.

Layla sighed and patted her daughter's head.

"She doesn't hate you Lucy, you just can't control her power yet, she hasn't fully accepted you" Layla said trying to calm her daughter down.

"But why not?" Lucy asked.

"You have to be brave in a fight dear. When Aquarius sent that wave what did you do?" Layla asked.

"Cower?" Lucy said.

"That's right, it was a test. You should have closed the gate on her so you could have dodged it" Layla said.

Her daughter still had much to learn in order to become a celestial mage.

"So if I was braver like Prince Charming then she'll like me?" Lucy asked.

Layla giggled at her daughter.

"Yes try to be as brave as you Prince Charming" Layla said.

Little Lucy nodded at her Mother. "Alright one more time Mother" Lucy said and walked away from her.

Chapter 13

Describing Phantom's home as creepy was an understatement. It looked like it popped right out of a children's horror book. The mansion was all old filled with cracks, the paint peeling off. The was no garden, there wasn't any sort of green at all, everything was dead.

"I hope he doesn't invite his clients over" I said.

I was already missing Fairy Tail. Fairy Tail's `gate around their estate, compared to Phantom's gate, made it look like child's play. There really was no turning back.

"Only the creepiest kinds. We're almost there do you remember everything I told you" Gazille asked.

"Yes I do"

"And remember there's another agent besides me, a woman, but I don't know who. We worked in separate wings, but she's really committed to her job. She might be able to help you if your caught and I can't"

"How will I know who she is?"

"Just say ice boy's name" Gazille.

"Ice boy do you mean Gra-"

"Shut it were here" Gazille said. He was right. The cart door open and I was face to face with Jose. He smiled at me. I already felt violated.

"Jose doesn't like shy, scared women. You'll be dead within the week. He likes strong, confident, sexy women. Women that take control, but still likes to tease"

"Lucy what a honor it is for me to grace your presents" he said and kissed my hand.

I pulled my hand away before he kissed it.

"ah, uh, ah" I said wiggling my finger to the beat.

"Were still on the hand kissing. I thought by now you would realize were on a completely different level" I said and batted my eye lashes.

Jose smirked.

"Ah yes we are. Soon to be husband and wife I apologize for my mistake" he said and helped me out the carriage.

"Good! Gazille! Get my bags!" I ordered. I knew Gazille wouldn't like me ordering him around but Jose liked women in control. He will just have to deal with it.

"I know the house seems gruesome, but now it seems we'll finally have a women's touch" Jose said placing an arm around my waist. I was so tempted to jerk away. I took deep breaths.

"Are you kidding me? It's positively delightful. Fairy Tail's mansion was so bright and filled with life I didn't know what was going on. Yours is plain and simple, death am I right?" I answered.

"Correct you are Lucy" he said.

"Please call me Lulu" I told him.

Lulu sounded sexier then Lucy... well it could sound sexier if you said it the right way.

"Soon to be called Mrs. Porla" he said.

"Well aren't you going to show me around?" I asked.

Jose smirked at me. "Why of course" he said.

I already had him wrapped around my little finger. Jose showed me around his 'villainous castle' filled with the most creepiest people. Gazille fitted right in. He showed me the dining area, the kitchen, the training grounds, and studies. When we walked upstairs he only showed me the right part of the house.

"And we end the tour at my um excuse me our room" Jose said.

"Um Jose what about the left wing?" I asked sweetly.

"That my dear is off limits, exclusive Phantom members only" he said.

Funny, Natsu said I was allowed any where in the house.

"Well aren't I about to be a exclusive Phantom member?" I asked. I had a feeling whatever Gazille needed, it was in the left wing.

"No, not yet but you soon will be after we tie the knot of course" he said.

I squealed. God it was so hard putting up this act. Mother would be rolling in her grave if she saw me acting like this.

"Our wedding! Our wedding! When's the date love?" I said bouncing up and down.

"Phantom likes women with big... you know... and not to offend you, you have a good pair... Alright! Just make sure you show them off! UGH!"

"How's a week sound?" he said.

I jumped up and hugged him. "A week sounds perfect!" I screamed.

Jose lightly pushed me off him then started to lean towards me. Oh s**t he's about to kiss me, think Lulu, think!

"Ke-kem" someone coughed.

We both looked and saw it was Gazille with my bags. Phew that was a close save.

"I've came to put the bags in your room" Gazille mumbled.

"Gazille you have the worst timing!" Jose yelled.

I mouthed a silent thank you too him.

"Whatever" he mumbled. I had a feeling it was directed at both of us.

We all just stood there.

"Well are you going to let me put them in or not!" Gazille yelled.

"Excuse him my dear, Gazille's a little hot headed" Jose said moving us out the way.

That was an understatement. Gazille walked up to the door and looked at me.

"You mind?" he said motioning to the door.

"Only Jose can open it" I told him.

"What my dear? Anyone can go and try" he said.

I walked up to his door and turned the knob, and the door magically opened at my touch. My eyes widened, I had forgotten the feeling about being able to open doors.

"Amazing" I mumbled while Gazille walked in.

"What is my dear?" he asked.

"Oh back in Fairy Tail they locked me in the room. Only my fiancée could open the door, so I was always trapped" I told him.

"Aw Lulu here you'll never be trapped" he said and grabbed my face. Somehow I highly doubted that.

"Ke-kem, Master you have some clients to attend to" Gazille said walking back out the room.

"It seems I do, watch Lulu for me Gazille she doesn't know her way around yet" Jose said then tried to kiss me. I turned my head at the last second so he would kiss my cheek.

"Ah-ah-ah don't want to have your people waiting" I said and smirked.

Jose just smirked back and said 'such as tease' as he walked away. Gazille then grabbed my arm and yanked me into Jose's room. He slammed the door close.

"Your playing with fire and you were almost burned!" Gazille yelled.

"What didn't you hear him, he said I was such a tease! The plans working!" I told him.

"But to what extent. He almost kissed you! If it wasn't for me he probably would have, how are you going to explain that to lighter boy?" Gazille said.

"He didn't though okay?" I sighed.

"At least he likes you" Gazille mumbled.

"Told you" I smirked.

"Here take this" he said and threw something towards me. I barely caught it. It seemed to be a watch and a bag filled with some sorts.

"The first part of the plan was a success you got it congrats now the tricky part starts" Gazille said.

"What's the watch for?" I asked.

"Phase two. He showed you the left wing right?" Gazille asked.

"No he said it was off limits"

"But you know where it is though"

"Yeah left?" I said. Gazille glared at me. Damn I was only trying to make a joke.

"At exactly 2am meet me over there" he said.

"...um how it seems I'll be sleeping with the monster" I told him.

"Not if you knocked him out" Gazille said.

"How I can't just summon a key and-"

"The bag Lucy, the bag" he said.

I untied the knot and opened the bag. Pills were filled inside them.

"Were these the same pills you used to knock me out?" I asked.

"Yeah so you know they work, Jose has a liquor cabinet right over there near his dresser. Later when he comes in just drug his drink. He should knock out in a matter of seconds"

"What about when he wakes up in the morning?"

"Just do what I did, make him believe something happened when in reality nothing really did" Gazille said.

"I'm glad your my partner in crime, if it were Natsu we would be fighting Jose right about now" I said.

Natsu... I wonder how's he doing?

"Lucy focus one false move and you can end up dead... or worst" Gazille said.

"Got it! So I'm just going to walk out of here? What if someone stops me?" I asked.

"Make something up or tell them your Jose's girl, that should probably shut them up. As long as your quiet and stealthy we'll be fine" Gazille said.

"But what if your not there at 2?" I asked.

"Trust me I'll be there just don't look back" he said.

Our plan was in motion. All we had to do now was wait.

"Listen though you must remember to get the key" Gazille said.

"What key?" I asked.

Is he talking about my keys? Gazille never mentioned a key before.

"Jose keeps his secret documents under spell, lock, and key. I can break the spell no sweat but for the safe were going to need the key"

"Isn't it made out of metal? Can't you just eat through it?"

"And risk trying to escape afterwards? He needs to know we weren't there at all! Go in, copy the evidence, then get out and resume like nothing ever happened"

"Fine where is it?" I asked.

"Jose usually wears it around his neck" Gazille said.

"What if it's not there?"

"Try seducing the answer out of him"

"While he's drunk?"


"But what happens if he knocks out?"

"Then you pray to god that he's on our side because if our cover is blown, I'm taking the info I have now, and helping you escape" Gazille said.

So this whole operation rests on my shoulders. We needed the key for everything to work out. Everything had better work out.

"I will get the key no worries" I said.

"That's the Fairy Tail way" Gazille said.

And speaking of Fairy Tail...

"Um Gazille you still keep in contact with Fairy Tail right?" I asked.

"Yeah what's your point?" he asked.

"Well could you um check up on everybody?" I asked.

I left on really bad terms. I know it was needed for this plan to work but it didn't stop me from feeling bad.

"Everybody? Or just Natsu?" Gazille asked and smirked.

I blushed.

"Shut it! Everybody, mainly Natsu though! So Gazille what now?" I asked him.

"Well I invited enough clients to keep Jose busy till nightfall so I guess I'll show you around more" he said.

Showing me around was an understatement. Gazille took me everywhere, except the left wing he just showed me the directions. He showed me every corner, every nook and cranny, introduced me to like every members. I think he was just trying show everyone I was new here at Phantom so I wouldn't be so easily spotted. I memorized everything Gazille told me. I had too, it was all for Natsu. Gazille even made me fight some of the guild members. I guess he wanted to show the people I wasn't a push over. I quickly defeated the guy with the help of Leo. At least now people know not to mess with me.

Pretty soon it was nightfall and Gazille escorted me to my room. "Remember you only have one chance, 2 o'clock, don't screw it up" he whispered then opened the door for me. Jose was already in the room.

"Ah Lulu I was beginning to wonder where you were" Joe said.

"She was just training, kick most of our guilds best members" Gazille responded for me.

"Delightful, your an amazing girl Lulu and your all mine" he said.

Gazille gave me a warning look then excuse himself.

"Come Lulu, let's go to bed" he said. I had a feeling he wasn't talking about sleeping.

"First off I'm parched how bout a drink first" I said walking to his liquor cabinet. I didn't know how to make a drink so I just poured random liquors into two cups. I pulled out a pill from the bag and dropped the pill into the cup. I stared at it, waiting for it to evaporate.

"So tell me what did you do with Gazille?" Phantom asked from behind me. He shocked me and almost made me drop his drink.

"Oh this and that, he showed me around your wonderful mansion and showed me off to you servants. I think you better keep them in line some off them were eyeing me" I told him passing him his drink. He grabbed it.

"Well why wouldn't they your simple ravishing" he said in a menacing voice.

"Cheers then to us! And our big night tonight!" I said. Well Gazille and I's big night tonight.

"Agreed" he said and we clinked glasses. Well bottoms up. I knocked my head back and drank the shot. Jose did the same.

"Now where were we?" he asked.

"Well I was about to put on my night gown for tonight while you were about to dim the lights and put on some candles" I told him giving him the glass.

I picked up one of my suit cases Gazille left and walked into the closet making sure to sway my hips while I walked. I closed the door and winked at him. Once it was closed I put down my guard. Damn I am officially hiding in a closet. It would be easier to hid in a bathroom since it would have a lock but apparently he didn't have one in his room.

I think I took Natsu's room for granted. I got dressed into my nightgown, it didn't really show much not like he was going to see anyway, and just waited in there. What happened if I didn't give him enough? Gazille didn't tell me how much to give him! Maybe I should have given him two pills instead of one? This is taking a long time for him to knock out Gazille said only a couple of seconds! Alright Lulu just go out there pour another drink and slip it to him then.

Suddenly I felt the ground shake. I opened the closet doors and saw Josw had passed out on the floor. Or not? I walked up to him and pulled down his shirt. This man had chest hairs, I shivered. Natsu didn't have chest hair, it was all muscle. "Ew" I said until I saw the key. God must have been on my side. I carefully lifted his head up and took off the key. I put it around my neck and looked back at Phantom. I couldn't just let him wake up on the floor now can I?

"Couldn't he have passes out on the bed?" I said to myself as I tried lifting him. No matter how skinny he looked this guy was heavy. I gave up when I was only able to move him oh I don't know a quarter of an inch. "Open the gates to Leo" I said and summoned my celestial spirit.

"Please lift him up and put him on the bed" I asked of him.

"Right away princess" Leo said and obeyed my command.

Gazille said I should make him think that something happened.

"Take off his shirt" I said.

Leo looked at me, crazy.

"You want me to what now?" he asked.

"Take. Off. His. Shirt." I told him.

He shrugged, "alright princess didn't know you went for guys like these" he said taking off his shirt then laying him back on the bed.

"Just throw it anywhere thanks Leo" I told him.

"Hey Princess is anything the matter? You haven't summoned me for a while" Leo asked walking up to me.

I looked at the watch Gazille gave me, it was 10. I had time left, might as well kill it talking to Leo.

"I know your not dumb Leo you know what's going on" I told him sitting down, leaning against the wall. Leo sat next to me.

"I know but I would like to hear it from my Master" he told.

"What I want to hear is why you didn't try escaping with my other keys? I knew you could have just walked out of the room if you summoned yourself using your own magic" I told him.

Where's the loyalty?

"First off we didn't know you were kidnapped for the longest! Plue was the only one you would summon and he never spoke, only shook" Leo said.

I laughed lightly.

"Cancer knew something was going on, but didn't quite get it. It was Aquarius who said you were kidnapped by your crazy ex boyfriend?" Leo asked.

"Of course, Aquarius. Sometimes I wonder if she's more bad than good seeing as she almost killed me last time if it wasn't for..." I let the sentence die off.

"Your crazy ex?" Leo finished.

"He's not crazy and he's not my ex" I said. Well at least I don't consider him one. I was very careful in the argument to never say once that we were breaking up, if we were even together in the first place.

"You love him?"

"I do"

"Seems you've finally found your Prince Charming huh? Layla would be so happy for you" Leo said.

"No she wouldn't be happy. I left my Prince as soon as I found him. She would be disappointed'

"You left to go save people! There's nothing disappointing in that! Besides who says you'll never see him again? If he is your Prince Charming then he's going to find you, just like last time" Leo said.

I smiled sadly at him. "Thanks Leo" I said. I missed Natsu dreadfully. I think I really did take him for granted. If I never would have left I would be in his embrace right now slowly falling asleep. I wish I at least had an memento of him or something. Maybe I should have cut off some of his pink hair while he was sleeping so I could remember him... Hold on...

"Leo can you pass me my suitcases?" I asked.

"Sure" he said bringing them to me. I opened them up and searched through the bag. I know I didn't have a lot to begin with but I would have though Ms. Supetto would have packed it for me. It was in my dress pocket and she always checks them before she washed them.

"What are you looking for?" Leo asked.

"A memento of Natsu, well of Natsu's father. He gave it too me for a birthday gift. I think it would give me some courage if I had it with me but I can't seem to find it" I said.

I started looking through my other suitcase, it wasn't in there either.

"What was it?" Leo asked.

"A dragon's tooth. It was from his father, Igneel" I said. The last thing he had to remember his Father by and I lost it. Natsu barely knew me at my party and yet he gave me such a valuable gift.

"Hold on be right back" Leo said then disappeared. He reappeared before I could ask why he left in the first place.

"Is this what you were looking for?" Leo asked holding up a tooth.

"How did you-" I said reaching for it.

"Plue returned to the spirit world really sick. We didn't know what was wrong with him until he coughed up this. Seems he was chocking or something on it. We wanted to ask what it was but you know Plue. We decided to just keep it, glad we did too" Loke said handing me it.

"Do you like it? It was a last minute gift since Jii-chan told me we were going to this birthday party for some daughter yesterday, but I still think it's a great gift"

"It's lovely only... this isn't you tooth is it?"

"I wish no it's a dragon's fang, it belonged to my Father"

"Your father was a Dragon?"

"Uh huh"

"Natsu" I said and held it close to my heart.


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