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Oh, the things that I come up with at 1 am....
I am a Spider
I have you in my web, like so many others before you. And like so many before you, you wriggle your legs, writhe, scream, pray... succumb. Did you fly into my trap because all you saw before you was clear skies and sunlight? Or did you simply walk... no: skitter, creep... crawl into my nest, thinking that you could test me?

It doesn't matter. You're here now. You have come to my home and here you are, caught in my web. Writhing, screaming... oh, but we have already been through that.

Tentatively, walking on fine silken threads, one foothold, then the next, then the next. Your movements shake the balance of my delicate web, but I do not fall. I know your kind. I know what move you're going to make before you make it. Rightly so, I cannot fall when you try to shake me from my home.

You can see me making my way through the maze of threads. Ha-ha... but you can't do anything about it, can you? No no... nothing but kick your legs like a mule and call for help. But we both know that none will come. None will come because it was your own stupidity that got you here.

One of your legs grazes my face. That is the last time that you will touch me. The last time. I tie your arms and legs together: one by one... but your body still thrashes wildly in protest. You can't tell, but I'm smiling. I am grinning the biggest grin I can.

A part of me wants to leave you like this. Because I know that there are two options that will both end in your death. Leaving you; tied up, tossing around your body uselessly until you finally give in and rest. It could be entertaining. But, alas, I have a short attention span for such things. After awhile I may just leave you for something less droll... and by the time I remember you're still there you would be completely useless to me. Nothing but a dried husk.

And I didn't construct this silken maze to collect husks.

And so, I proceed with the remaining option. My favorite part, if I may be so bold.

Tell me, what part of you is the most tender? Ah... nevermind. You won't answer. You'd never tell me where the best place to sink my teeth into you is, if only to preserve your life for a measly few more minutes. It is little matter to me; I like looking for the soft spots on your body. Its like a game to me, poking around until I find a place that makes you squirm.

Ah... the neck, of course. All the blood going to that tiny nugget you call a brain must be rushing now; thinking of your escape, thinking of the last words you said to your loved ones, wondering what kind of God would allow this sort of torture... its all the same to me. No matter what you're thinking about, it gets your blood flowing from your brain to my mouth faster.

I wonder what it feels like, to be slowly exsanguinated. Oh, it can't be all that bad. Surely there must be some kind of a high as the flow of oxygen slows... and slows... and slows. Your brain stays awake as I pull my teeth from you.

You are relaxed. For the first time in your life you are as calm as you could possibly be. Rationalize. Tell yourself that its because your brain is shutting down. Tell yourself that your synapses are releasing seratonin as they cease to work.

The truth is that for the first time in your life, you have nothing to worry about. You're done. Your future is set and there is nothing left for you to do but give into your fate and accept that you are finished. You know that no matter what happens to you, your family will move on. The world will move on. You are no more important than the garbage you eat.

And neither am I.

As your eyes glaze over in that last expression of bliss, I crawl away; feeling full... but empty.

I wait again for another of your kind to foolishly stumble upon my web.

And just as you found yourself caught in my web, I am caught in another.

Leonard Erland
Community Member
Leonard Erland
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