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The trivial thoughts and events that are my life.
More avie art, of me!
My new avie, yaaay. It's just an ugly sketch right now but whateva.

User Image
User Image

Drawing of previous avatar
User Image
I'm changing my avatar again, but I wanted something to remeber my old one by. *sniff* You will be missed, old avatar... xp

Halloween cosume contest with PRIZES!!!!
Hey everyone it's your friendly neighborhood nutjob MissSelfDestruct!
Sooo in the spirit of celebrating my favorite holiday, I thought I'd hold a costume contest with prizes that don't suck that much.

Ok, so my thoughts were, if you want to enter there would be a small entering fee of 10g (cause I'm a money grubbing b*****d.) You have from October 21 - October 29 to enter your costumes, which gives you 8 days to prepare your costume. And the winners will be posted on October 30.

User ImagePrizes are as follows:User Image
1st - 2 October thank-you letters
2nd - 1 October thank-you letter
3rd - Im thinkin' either a Sept letter, or the Pumpkin Ghost Sheet. I need suggestions
And just so no one goes home empty handed, all other runner ups will get a personalized banner saying you entered in MissSelfDestruct's Halloween Costume Contest, with a pic of your costume. Ill (try to) make 'em look cool!

But first I wanted to ask all of my friends what they thought before I did anything... That's where you guys come in! I wanna know what you guys think of my idea.
Like the prizes? Want to see something else? Entering fee reasonable enough? Is a week enough time for entering your costume? Send me all your suggestions, comments and questions please!!!

heart - MissSelfDestruct

Yah, my cats a P.I.M.P.
My kitty totally just raped this other kitty in the street the other night. I ran out of the house all worried 'cause I heard strange yowling. And there he was just goin at it. I couldn't help thinkin' "Damn. What an a*****e! Shes doesn't even like him...."
But then like two days later I went to the porch to see what he was up to and there he was with the same girl kitty. They were eating out of his bowl together.
Awww. They're sweethearts now. xd

Just my luck
My car was stolen yesterday morning! eek Pretty horrible huh?
But no worries. They found it today!
While the ******** was still driving it no less.
Now I gotta pay an arm and a leg to fix the door and the ignition that he ******** up while breaking in.
Stupid punks!!!!

I know what the responsible decision is but....
I don't really have any set plans for Halloween yet. Usually I go to Santa Clara and me, Ash, Mike and whoever ends up tagging along with us, will go to our cemetary. It's something of a tradition.
But this year my friend Jenny wants to go to a rave in San Fransico with the girls. I'm all for it, I have yet to go to an actual rave. The only problem is that its 40$ to get in, plus any 'goodies' we'll have to buy when we get there.
I just don't have that kind of money to be tossing around right now. Jenny offered to pay, and I could just pay her back later. But she's struggling more then I am right now. It just wouldn't feel right to take her up on her offer. But I can tell she really wants me to go, otherwise she wouldn't have even thought about offering. I really want to go!!!

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