“She’s scared.” I whisper in the dark. Jaclyn had long before made her way to bed. I could hear her light snores in the tent to the right.
“Of what?” Tom looked at me skeptically; I hated him. I was the one Jaclyn was supposed to fall in love with. I’ve known her longer, she’s been my best friend for years, and now I’m sure she hates me, because of him.
“She’s scared to find out what… I mean who she really is, who we really are.” He didn’t care, the look in his eyes could tell anyone that, except Jaclyn, why couldn’t she see it. He didn’t care what happened to us, all he wanted to do was go back to the compound; but why did he want us along for the ride? Jaclyn told me he hated the compound they had experimented on him. Who were they any way?
“She shouldn’t be.” He turned away, for some reason he didn’t want to continue the conversation. What was he hiding? “I’m going to bed.” He spread his wings and was gone. I don’t know he goes at night he’s always disappearing. Maybe he went hunting, bird of prey and all. He never ate when he was with us, politely refusing any of Jaclyn’s attempts to share food with him. I wouldn’t want to give him any off our food anyway. He wasn’t discussing exactly, he seemed clean enough, his shirts wear clean, and I mean what’s with that we where in the middle of god knows where. These shirts where white, fresh out of the wash with bleach white, and his hair it looked like he’d just stepped out of the shower! It was blond I hate blond; I hated him. I needed sleep.