The Top 4 of YouTube are:
(these are my Opinions)

If you want a good laugh this is a must see....
Funny Videos made by the maker of How to be emo that are funny:
-How to be Gangster
-How to be Nerd
-How to be Ninja
-The Ipod Human

2.) Any Harry Potter Puppet Pals Videos (Any One Who loves Harry Potter & or likes somewhat of it will love this video, my opinion)
Videos made by Harry Potter Puppet Pals that are ver funny
-Mysterious Ticking Noise
-Bothering Snape
-Wizard Swears
-Follow the Butterflies
-Trouble at Hogwarts

3.) Love Letters By Kelly (the one that does shoes)
Now i have seen Kelly's other videos and they are not all that great, until i saw this one! A funny and comical video of Kelly narrating her love for carbs in letters. SO FUNNY!

4.) Charile the Unicorn
Plan and simple, three unicorns go on a magical trip to the sweet and sugary Candy Mountain, still again super funny and possibly corny too.