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Sugar Nymphet
Community Member
I am Shocked that I didn't see this sooner, people.
Okay, okay, dearest homestuckers, I have news for you.

So, Dirk likes Jake, and everyone knows it.
Now, flip to the scratch game for a second.
In the beginning, it looked like Dave was going to ask Jade out.
John asked him how it went.
A few mintutes after that problem with Karkat and the shipping chart, John and Jade pester each other about it.
Jade is confused, and John helps Jade figure out if she likes Mr.Strider.
That turns out to be a yes. But hesitantly.
Flip back to alpha.
In the Alpha kids Dirk is Dave.
Jake is Jade.
Roxy is Rose.
And Jane is John.
There is a problem with that, see.
It looks like this right now in the story.
Dirk likes Jake and Jake knows. Jane seems to have a crush on Dirk or Jake. Nether actually know. When confronted, it is denied. Lies.
Then, Jane shoved a hesitent Jake into Dirk's awaiting arms, practically royally screwing her in the romance department.
So this could mean to me how John may have liked Dave, and nope.
He shoved Dave away and became super defensive.
But hidden it with layers of jokes and giggles.
He didn't want Dave to see it.
So that's why he was so attached to the I'm not a homo bs.
Because he didn't want Dave to know.
So he stuck to the, best bros lol, that way he could put his friend first.
Because that's how much he loved him.
He would hurt himself just to see the other happy.
Just like Jane is doing. Right. Now.

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