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the rise and fall of the great and almighty kitty cat!! reow
wow it's been way too long
yeah i remember i used to get on here so religiously when i was in high school. now i rarely ever go to it. it's maybe because the way everything is changing i liked it better the way that is was. but anyway. yeah it's been forever i forgot that i actually used to write in this thing. lol.

things have changed so much. i've lived life. been happy and sad about it. things are looking up constantly but still taking so long to get there which is frustrating. i'm getting married yep that's right you heard it i'm getting married. to my one and only tasadar nagatin. we've been together for about 5 years now. took him long enough rolleyes but i really wouldn't have it any other way we know eachother we know what we want and our goals that we want reached. i feel like the most luckiest gal on earth to have met someone who is so intune with me. makes me wanna cry.

sometimes i think about past relationships and how much this one person went through just to pick me out of a crowd. i wanna thank my ex's that showed me what i deserved. and made me a stronger person. i wonder do they ever think or wonder if things were different if you just acted your age. or teated that one person who actually gave a s**t with even the minimal amount of respect would you be where you are right now. you could have had this.. be this happy. i guess there is one for everyone and you will one day have your chance. lets hope that you all mature then.

theres some friends on here that i seriously haven't talked to in like ages. i wonder what they are up to these days. i miss being able to talk to all my friends even the ones that were so far away. if i had to say my most missed friend was it would be my friend justin. that guy was just special. fought for me all the way i don't blame him for not wanting to hear from me anymore. but i hope that he is doing well these days. not in any harm or trouble.

living in vegas has its ups and downs i really miss my home that being pretty much the only down. that and that finding a job anywhere is stressful enough but vegas isn't any better in that sence. i miss my friends and family the most. my sister my nana and my aunt DD. when i was in utah i was just steps away to see them anytime whenever i wanted. and i never took that chance it's like they say " you don't know what you got till it's gone". but sure i've lost some people coming here but i've also met some amazing people!.

well was just about to head to bed and decided to check this don't really know why. but brought back some memories. ♥

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