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Lifestyle of the Rich and Criminally insane A visionary glimpse into the mind of a purple suited psychotic

Sweet Vittoria
Community Member
Reflections, take one...
"So, do you ever act on impulse or simply out of passion? Feel what you are doing is right or wont harm anyone in the long run, but when it does you see everything has gone horribly horribly wrong? I made a desision...I know the spelling is wrong, so shut it...I'm being serious here, I made a CHOICE, that better? Good...now shaddap, That I wasn't proud of...not in the long run anyways, and now I am back to square one. The funny thing is that there was humor laced in this poor choice, and now both Karma and Irony had their hand in this dirty matter...dammit! Who the ******** keeps texting me...one moment...

. . .

Back-ish...it brings me to my second point, which I am clearly getting side tracked here, do you ever get a text from someone but are too glued to this site to want to text them back worried they might try and call you on the phone? ******** door just made me jump, creepy...beside me is a water glass, I cant recall how it got there, ******** my damn phone again...

. . .

Hmm okay, that text wasn't so bad, actually I am kind of looking forward to the next. She's a friend, one of the few I have that I know would throw herself in front of a train to save me, one I know wouldn't let simple drama tear up a friendship, and ONE for certain that wouldn't stab me in the back. You know I wonder if this odd bit of emotion is coming out of me because I've had the same eerie Hannah Fury song on repeat for the last 65 minutes now? I'm going to tell you all now that if this is lithe with typos abound and all sorts of problems, I want you to know that I am trying a new form of journalism...allowing my mind too spill on the paper, to address everything that is happening in my life at the time, no proof reading, the typos you see are for certain because I was distracted or certainly not in my head at the times, which happens on occassion. Wellll I could keep this up all night, but for those of you that know me, you are aware there are plenty of...delving into ooc here, lots of roles I rp as, and I have only checked 6 out of 10 profiles so I have a few more left...ooh phone again, anyways take care...dont mind the bullshit, avoid the land mines, and have a beautiful day, I'm going to go have a glass of something and piss the world away, Tah tah!"

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