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Pro Gaia Gold Quest.
A blog devoted to my quest against gaia cash, and for gaia gold, for a better tomorrow for us all...
Honouring those who support me
A list of those who have supported my crusade against Gaia Cash and its influence on the decline of Gaia online:

These people have supported me by sending either gold or gifts from GC funded areas of Gaia.

Night Melody 181 --290,000. Received with thanks. Will be used to create more amazing mash ups with Gold Shop items!

Cin3ris--500,000 Received with thanks. Will be used to create more amazing mash ups with Gold Shop Items!

xx I met my fate xx--4,000,000. Received with thanks. Will be used to create more amazing mash ups with Gold Shop Items!

20,000,000 in Gold. Step Sister. Akadameia Blue. Bellua Modesta. Spirited Asante Hairwrap. Gloriana's Valenciennes Lace. Garnet Decorative Sari. Gloriana's Chantilly Lace. Chandelier Gown. Carnival Face Paint. Wand of a Kind. Corral De Moreria.--Oh My God. Thank you so much for your kindness. I am very, very grateful. I cannot explain how grateful I am.

Ruby Sea Princess,Belletristic beauty, Gifts of the Goddess,luxurious elizabeth, Koji the red fox, celestial deputy, Golden admirer, Dark Chocolate, lilac heart, smok the baby dragon, Scheherazade's dance, Elysian Night--Thank you so so so much. I am so grateful and lucky to have such wonderful gifts. Good luck in your 30 day Puritain streak!

Anonymous Benefactor: Shilshadu--Monarch gown from Dernier Cri* I will wear it with pride! (I feel like Royalty!)

Nitemare Bustier: Oh My....Tres Sexy!!

Albruna: Mini Gold Angel Wings. They are so damn pretty. Thank you dear!!

Nyadriel : 5,000,000! I am going to have a gold shop, shopping spree with this! Keep your eyes peeled for pretty gold shop ensembles, all thanks to you!

Galactic Savior SO MUCH GOLD, Crimson Flutter, Urban Bounce, Broadway Bounce, Astral Singularity, Huntress Cinder, Umber Mystere, Standby Tortuous, Matcha, Azrael Doll horns, The Gravedigger, Galaxy Glimmer, Neptune Surge, Gliese 581c THANK YOU SO MUCH. These are all beautiful items, and I am so grateful for your generosity. Thank you so so much. Thank you!!

Darius Runan Gin the Kitten! OH MY GOD. HOW CUTE IS THIS KITTY! Thank you so much for your kindness. I know which dress is gonna go perfect with this lil guy!! biggrin

Anonymous Stellar Wish! I never realized how much detail went into this. Thank you so much dude. I really love the arm pose!

AfroSwank 100,000,000 Another awesome donation. Can't wait for them to update Dernier *Cri!

Chibi Alexis 50,000,000 More money to spend in my favourite gold shops! I really hope Dernier *Cri gets an update soon. Or at least that Loyal's gets some Gold exclusive update!

Anonymous Benefactor Burgundy lips So beautiful and classy! Thank you for the kind message, I really appreciated it!

Anonymous benefactor: Lumina Shroud by Dernier*Cri . Random gift for my wedding and happy early halloween to you too sweetheart!! Thanks!! biggrin

Roses of Mare Frigoris Gown by Dernier*Cri Thank you!!! It's gorgeous!!

Star x Apple~: Purple Chyaku Norisu Scarf. Oh wow...Beautiful item! Thank you so much!!!

[b:efb268797b]I CAN'T AFFORD GAIA CASH. I'M GETTING MARRIED FEB 7th! wink [/align:efb268797b][/size:efb268797b][/b:efb268797b]

I am starting [i:efb268797b]afresh[/i:efb268797b] on Gaia.I have emptied my inventory and am starting life as a '[b:efb268797b]Puritan Gaian[/b:efb268797b]'.I will [b:efb268797b]earn[/b:efb268797b] my gold,[b:efb268797b]scavenge [/b:efb268797b]clothes,[b:efb268797b]work [/b:efb268797b]for it by [b:efb268797b]posting[/b:efb268797b] and [b:efb268797b]playing [/b:efb268797b]games to show Gaia that the old ways are still very much [b:efb268797b]appealing[/b:efb268797b].[/align:efb268797b]

Honouring my Supporters[/align:efb268797b]

Kingsman Harry Hart
Community Member
Kingsman Harry Hart
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