So I went to the first football game of the season and it was fun to watch the first game, except for when someone got hurt on the field then I ended up having to leave cause I was needed at home. Anyway once I got down the metal stairs I started running across the blacktop pavement and I was only running for about 10 seconds till I fell. I am such a klutz...Ask anyone who knows me and they'll say I trip at least a couple times each day. But when I'm fighting (And yes I fight irl, I like to fight) I don't trip or slip up or anything. And then I got up and was limping trying not to show that it hurt. I got in the car and I was wearing jeans and when I fell I slid on the blacktop pavement and I got a hole in my jeans from it. On the way home I pulled the pant leg of my jeans up so I could see what damage had happen to my legs. The one with the hole was gashed and bleeding big time, it bled through my jeans, while the other one look ragged up. Now it hurts to walk. What a great way to start off the season… -.-