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about school, friends, etc.
I walk down the wooden stairs to find the smell fresh bread, milk, and eggs. I sat down at the long, wooden table. My mom put my breakfast down on the table in front of me. I started to eat right away.
"Morning, sweetie," mom said with a smile. My mom was wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt with her hair pulled back into a messy bun. She was wearing her favorite thing to wear too, her fuzzy, duck slippers.
"Morning, mom, so do you want me to do anything today for you?" I asked, hoping she wouldn't tell me anything that I would have to do.
"No i don't think so right now" mom said. I was happy finally a free day this week. Mom had me working all this week doing her chores for her since she was sick earlier this week and today, she was just getting over her sickness.
"Well I'm gonna head off then, I'll be down near the creek," I said finishing eating my breakfast. I stood up put my dishes in the pile of dirty dishes and started to head at the door.
"Be back before dark, okay?" mom said shouting at me awhile i was walking away.
"Okay I will!" I shouted back. While walking about the door, I closed the door behind me and walked down the road towards the middle of the town. I saw some kids around my age grouping around Cole and I rolled my eyes at him. He saw what I did and he winked back at me. I looked away and kept walking. My best friend Rafa, who is kinda of a prep but fun to hang out with, ran up to me, her blonde hair was a mess from running.
"OMG you are so lucky, Cole just winked at you, I would do anything if he would just look at me" Rafa said with excitement.
"I really don't care, I don't even like him, he is just too stuck up" I said to Rafa I looked at her strangely because she gave me this look with wide baby blue eyes then i said, "he's standing right behind me isn't he?" Rafa nodded. I turned around, sure enough Cole was standing right behind me. I looked up at him. Cole was as they described him tall, dark, and handsome. His brunette hair flowed in the wind as he looked down at me. I stared straight into his green eyes asked, "what do you what?"
"Well, can't a guy even come flirt with a girl who is cute?" Cole said as he looked into my green eyes.
"Well why don't you just leave me alone, didn't you just hear my comment I said about you?" I said angrily.
"No, maybe you can tell me again. Was it about my great looks? How about my gorgeous green eyes?" He said obnoxiously.
"No it was about how stuck up you are, duh." I turned around to walk away but he grabbed my wrist with a death grip and pulled super close to me, so I could feel his body warmth next to my body, and kissed me. I could hear all the girl screaming because Cole kissed me and not them. I pushed him away from my face far enough away to slap him across the face. I turned away and walked out of town listening to all the girls screaming and crying and seeing if he is all right or not. I heard someone, like a guy calling my name. I thought it was Cole again so I ignored the voice and kept walking. Eventually, I heard the person catch up with me and touched my arm, I turned around quickly and slapped the person. When I looked at the who, it was Lucas. I've had a crush Lucas ever since I first talked to him. I love his hazel eyes and his dirty blonde hair, he is a tall and strong. He barely ever saw me and when we would see each other we would barely talk.
"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry are you okay, Lucas?" I asked asking him while lightly touching the red mark I made on his cheek.
"Yea, I'm fine" Lucas said rubbing his cheek in pain.
"Here let's go sit by the creek and look at it," I said as we walked over to the creek and sat down on nearby rock. I stared at his cheek. "I'm really sorry, I thought you were Cole"
"It's okay I saw what happened with you and Cole, I ran after you to see if something was wrong and if so if you were okay, but you ignored me when I called your name so I eventually caught up to you and you slapped me but it was okay," he explained.
"I'm still really, really sorry for what happened," I said apologizing again.
"I told you it was okay. So what is happening between you and Cole?" Lucas asked being nosy.
"Oh nothing really just that I think he is stuck up and annoying and he keeps flirting with me so I just got fed up with it," I said explaining.
"Oh really cause he told me that you two were dating." Lucas said. I stared at him blankly and zoned out. He waved his hand in front of my face and i came back.
"Are you serious? He said that? Arg! Oh my gosh, now I'm gonna punch him." I said as I started to get up. Lucas pulled me back down and I lost my balance and landed on his lap. "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry," I tried to stand up and he pulled me back on his lap. "Lucas?" I stared into his hazel eyes. He leaned a little closer to me and kissed me. He pulled away for a second just to look into my eyes.
"i love you, Aimee" Lucas said passionately.
"um. . .lucas" i said staring at him blankly.
"why haven't you ever told me this before or even noted it?"
"well um i'm kinda shy and i barely saw you ever and i got disappointed when cole told me that you two were dating"
"oh okay. . ." i just remembered that i was on his lap and i stood up quickly "i'm sorry i forgot that i was sitting on your lap. um lucas i gotta go i'm sorry i'll see you around right?"
"yeah, find me i'll be waiting for you okay?"
"okay, lucas" i said running off.
i was running to the other side of town not paying attention to where i was going and i ran into cole. i sighed and rolled my eyes.
"so what is aimee running away from now?"
"nothing leave me alone cole, i know what you told lucas."
"and what was that? that you are the most beautiful girl in the world?" cole said putting his hands on my hips.
"no that you told him that we were dating. why would you tell him that big of a lie?" i said moving his hands off my hips.
"i would never tell a lie Aimee, because i thought that was was true, that we really were going out. Aimee, i love you. i would pick you over all of these girls." he leaned in to kiss me again.
"cole stop i dont love you so why dont you just stop trying." i said pulling away from him i started to walk away from him but he grabbed my wrist and put a death grip on my wrist and pulled me back.
"i wont stop until i have you my princess." cole whispered into my ear.
i stared into his eyes and i heard somebody running over to us and pushed cole outta the way and grabbed me. i looked behind me and saw lucas.
"cole you cant have her she's mine now." lucas said and leaned over and kissed me.
"how is she yours? you just started putting moves on her today. i've been trying for the past year and she gave into you in one day how does that happen? you can't have her she mine!" cole said and ran over and punched lucas in the face. i heard girls cheering for cole as lucas laid on the ground.
"cole i'm done with you fighting over me, so stop, your never gonna have me so just stop trying," i said. i had so much anger built up in me when i went to punch my hand glowed and he flew across town. by now lucas was standing back up. his face looked different then everybody else's faces. everybody was looking at me strangely. then i realized what i did. i started to freak out. lucas grabbed me.
"jump on my back," lucas said, as i did that he ran off in speed i didn't know was possible. when were far away from town lucas finally stopped and laid me down on the ground.
"lucas what just happened, cause i know you know" i asked.
"You'll find out when you are ready and when it is time for you to find out." lucas asked.
"are you ready to go back?"
"yea, but one question." I said.
"What?" Lucas asked.
"It's nothing."
"Are you sure?"
"I'm sure."
"Okay, then jump on my back and we'll go back okay?" lucas said and i jumped on his back. lucas started off. after he was running for awhile he tripped over something but i didn't i didn't know what is was i was flung off his back and i hit my head off a tree and slowly drifted away.
when i woke there was Lucas was gone and i saw nothing that he could have tripped over. i could see that town just a little ahead. then i felt something nudge me. i looked down at my foot and i could see a cat. he was almost all white all over. he had black paws, black ears and a black nose.
"hello little guy, are you lost?" i asked the little cat. the cat nodded. oh my gosh did the cat just understand me? "um well how about you come back with me. hm lets name you. hm how about Paco?" again the cat nodded. "so i guess you like that name. well lets go back and I'll beg my mom to keep you." i stood up and picked Paco up and carried him in my hands. when i got back cole was standing outside the town. he was with another guy. i went over to where they were and hid behind a bush.
"so how close where you?" the other guy said.
"i was pretty close. Lucas must have found out that she was the princess somehow. now i have to try extra hard to get her. the dark lord wants his son to marry her and only her so we need to get her. now that she figured out she has powers she is gonna wanna learn how to use them. but we'll get her before she can do that." cole said.
"yes, yes we will," the other guy said. it got quiet and i could hear that they were whispering but i didn't know what they were saying the next think i knew two hands from behind me grabbed me and pulled me out from behind the bush. i lost Paco during that and i was looking around for him and i couldn't find him. i was turned around quickly and i was kissed when i opened my eye there stood cole. i tried to push away but i couldn't.
"let go of me!" i said trying to get away. cole had a firm grip on me.
"hey look what i found! she got a cat since the last time you saw her." the one guy said and came around from the bush holding paco who went unconscious during that.
"hey let go of him!" i said.
"why should i, Aimee?" cole said.
"cole stop!" i said screaming. cole put a hand over my mouth.
"you should really stop screaming you know that. hey jack do you think we should take her back now since she found us out?"
"yea i guess so." jack said.
"but before we get there" cole trailed off. he spun me around and kissed me again. i bit his lip really hard. his lip started to bleed. "dang aimee. but i like, your demon side of you is coming out like he said."
"who said that?" i asked as i licked the blood off my mouth and i can across something sharp. my eyes became huge.
"you'll meet him soon," cole said.
"wait what is going on?" i said.
"Your destiny is to marry the next prince in line for the crown,'' jack said.
"but...but..."i stammered.
"okay and now we are going. we'll bring your new pet along so you wont be lonely." cole said. "but before you get there. the guy you are gonna marry, well you better be nice to him. don't talk a lot. there'll be clothes there for you. and his hair color changes with his mood. don't make fun of him. he will punish you even if you are his finance." cole still had a big grip on my arm. there was so gonna be a bruise there tomorrow. cole said something and a giant circle that was glowing appeared. cole walked through it and dragged me along and jack followed us. i guess jack doesn't talk that much. we walked through something that was so pitched black you couldn't see anything. the air pressure was horrible, my head was pounding so hard, i tried to scream but when i did, nothing came out. just then i saw saw a small light and we were in a room. I fell to the ground with dramatic difference in air pressure difference. i was looking done and decided i should look up, when i did there was two guys sitting on chairs. i guess you would consider them thrones. the one looked younger. he had black hair and was dressed in black clothing and he had a scar on the side of his face that went from eyebrow to his chin. the one looked older and he was also dressed in black.
"is this really her?" the younger one said as he stood up, his hair turned blonde.
"yes, prince justin, this is her." cole said letting go of my arm. i rubbed my arm feeling how bad it hurt.
"i would never think that she could be this beautiful." Justin said. "well i should introduce myself shouldn't i?" he walked over to me and knelt on one knee and grabbed my hand, lifted me up so i was standing. I was a little wobbly still so he wrapped his arm around my wait to keep me standing. I shook his arm and fell to the ground again. I sighed and tried to stand up again. Once I got my balance I looked at him. He looked back at me and smiled and said, "my lovely finance, i am Justin, and you are?"
"I'm Aimee."
"well, jack will show you to your room. there are some lovely clothes in the closet. please put one on for me. you will absolutely look lovely in it. well with your perfect body and your perfect face. now go. i must talk to cole now." justin said. jack grabbed my arm exactly where cole was gripping.
"ow. gosh why does everybody grab me there." i said frustrated.
"oh, sorry." jack said as he moved his hand to somewhere else on my arm. jack lead me down many hallways. we walked in silence for awhile. then jack finally said, "here is your room." he stopped at a pair of double doors. they were black but were lined with gold. he opened one of the doors. "Here you go. get changed somebody will be back in 1 hour for you to be ready to go to dinner."
"Thanks, jack, but you really should talk more often," i said as i walked in the room and closed the door behind me. i put Paco on the ground. a tear ran down the side of my face. Paco nudged my leg. i wiped the tear away. i walked over to what looked like a dresser. i opened it up and i gasped. there was so much cute clothes in there and shoes at the bottom. i pulled out a cute black mini skirt and showed it to Paco. he nodded. "i can't believe they have so much style here." i said quietly to myself. I slipped out of my clothes. i slipped into the mini skirt. then i went back to my dresser and found a top. it was a lime green halter top. i found a cute, little, black jacket to go over top of it. i put the halter top on and laid the jacket on the bed, to put on later. i was looking at all the shoes. i saw some black stilettos with a lime green straps that would wrap around my leg. i slipped the stilettos on my feet and rapped the lace around my legs and tied a bow at the top. the bow was about half way up my leg. i painted my nails black with a lime green stripe down the middle. i saw a brush. "yes, finally. i haven't brushed my hair in forever. i bet it looks really bad." i said to myself. i slowly brushed my red hair with the brush. There was a knock at the door. I walked over and opened the door.
"Hello?" I said, as i opened the door.
It was Justin.
"Wow, you look so beautiful. I didn't think you could get anymore beautiful. But, i can see that is possible. I wanted to come and get you, to tell you dinner was ready." Justin said.
"Okay, one second," I walked back into the room and grabbed the little jacket off the bed and put it on. i walked back to the door and walked outside and closed the door. Justin stared at the ground the whole time we were walking to dinner. When we got to the dining room, well some room with a giant table in it. He pulled a chair out for me and motioned me to sit. Justin sat next to me. The same old man from earlier walked in. He sat down across from me and Justin.
"So, you are Aimee. We never really actually met each other. I'm Justin's father. You can just call me Earl, if you want to," the old man said. People came through one of the doors with trays of food. they took the lids off the food. It smelled so good. I haven't eaten in so long. I was so hungry. Once Justin and Earl started to grab food, so did i. I grabbed some food off of one of the plates and put it on my plate. I started to eat it. I think dinner lasted about an hour. I couldn't tell, there was no clock. Earl left the table.
"Aimee, I want to show you something," Justin said, standing up. He reached out his hand for me to grab. I grabbed his hand, and stood up. He led me through many hallways, still holding my hand. He led me out through double doors, on to a balcony. It was completely dark outside. Lightning bugs where on the trees. So, the trees were so pretty, they looked as if somebody spilled glitter on them. I gasped. Justin turned me to look at him and said quietly, "what?"
"It's just that, it's so pretty here. I never saw anything like this." I said, looking at the trees.
"Yes, but there is something more beautiful," Justin said.
"What?" I asked curiously.
"You," Justin said and poked my nose.
"Oh, that's not true," I said blushing.
"Oh, yes it is," Justin said, leaning closer to my face. He went closer and tried to kiss me. I turned my head at the last possible second. He kissed my cheek instead on my lips. Justin pulled back and looked at my confused and said, "what?"
"Justin, if I'm gonna be your finance, then I'm gonna have to like you, but if you move too fast, then your turning me off." I said.
"Oh, I'm sorry," Justin said, looking all sad. I gave Justin a hug. Somebody came through the balcony doors. It was too dark to see who it was.
"Justin, your father, has just came down with a serious illness. I don't think he'll make it through," the mysterious man said.
"Where is he at?" Justin asked all serious.
"In his chambers, on his bed," mysterious man said. Justin grabbed my hand and ran as fast as he could down the hallways, dragging me along. We came to, two giant doors. Justin opened one and ran through the doors. He let go of my hand and ran to his father's side. I stood in the background. The mysterious man came in the room. It was Cole. I rolled my eyes. Cole came and stood next to me. Cole leaned over.
"Go over and hover your hands over Justin's father's chest, you'll be able to heal him if you think about it hard enough," Cole whispered in my ear. I gave him this look like how could he know what he was talking about. He continued, "trust me, just go over and try." I walked over to where Earl was laying. I hovered my hands over Earl's chest. Justin looked at me with tears running down his face.
"What are you doing?" Justin asked.
"I'm trying a hutch," I said. My hands started to glow and when they finished glowing, Earl opened his eyes and looked at me.
"You saved my life, Aimee," Earl said. Justin hugged his father. Somebody grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the room. When I was out of the room, I looked to see who it was, it was Cole again.
"What do you want now, Cole?" I asked impatiently.
"Come on Aimee, can't you just leave Justin and marry me? I mean I look so much better then him. I mean come on. No guy is ever gonna be as good as me if they have a scar on the side of their face. Right?" Cole asked.
"No Cole, just because you think you are better than ever other guy doesn't mean you are," I said.
"Fine Aimee, just one last kiss," Cole said as he pulled me closer to him. I kneed him in the crotch. He fell down onto the floor moaning. I sat down on a bench outside of Earl's room. I made sure that Cole did come too close to me. Eventually, after waiting for what seemed like forever, Justin came out. He looked shocked to see me there. Then, he saw Cole laying on the floor. He looked back to me.
"What happened?" Justin asked confused.
"I'll tell you, if you walk me back to my room, since if i tried to find my way back, I would get lost." I asked.
"Sure," Justin said as he grabbed my hand and walked to my room. When we got to my room, he turned me toward him gently and said, "Thank you so much for saving my father's life."
"It's okay, your welcome, though," I said as I went on my toes, since Justin was so tall and I was so short, and softly kissed his lips. Then, I went back down on my feet and smiled. I looked up at Justin to see what his response would be.
"Wooooooooooooooow," Justin whispered, "you're a good kisser, you know that right?" Justin put his hands on my hips and pulled me closer to him and hugged me. We stood there for a couple of minutes.
"Okay, Justin, I'm going to bed now," I said as I patted his chest.
"Awwwww, do you have to?" Justin asked whining.
"Sorry, Justin," I said as I let go of him and went into my room.
I ran over to my bed and jumped and landed on my bed. I stood up and jumped up and down on my bed. I jumped really high then landed on my back. I heard a knock at the door. I jumped off the bed and ran to the door. I opened the door up and it was Jack.
"I just wanted to let you know, you will have a fitting tomorrow," Jack said.
"Okay," I said out of breath, "Goodnight." I closed the door and I put on some comfy pants and a t-shirt. I jumped into the bed and went under the sheets. I turned the light off and went to sleep.


I was woken up by somebody shaking me. I had no idea who she was.
"Hello, my lady, I'm Julia, I'm here with my helpers to get you fitted," the woman that woke me up. I got out of bed and stripped down to my bra and underwear, just like Julia instructed. I stepped onto a stool. The threw a dress over my head and onto my body. It was huge. Soon, everybody was pinning me everywhere. On to the next outfit. This went on for awhile. When we finished pinning the one dress, a lady would come in, take the dress and leave. She would come back later and the dress would be done and they would be put into my closet. There wasn't much talking going on. When they finished the last dress Julia said, "Lord Earl said that he would like you to be wearing these dresses and outfits more then what you wore last night." Then all the ladies left. I had to admit, some of the outfits were cute. I put a dress on that had a corset connected to it and surprisingly i could tie it myself. It had a skirt that kinda looked like a ballerina skirt, but not as poofy, connected to it and it came down to about my knees. I put some cute shoes that matched the outfit on and a necklace too. I left my room and as I walked down a hallway for awhile. I zoned out for awhile while I was staring at the floor while I was walking and ran into somebody. They dropped all the stuff they were caring. I bent over and helped whoever it was pick up their stuff. When, I looked up at who it was after giving back their stuff I realized who it was. It was Cole.
"Hey, thanks Aimee. You know I think this is the first time I have ever seen you nice to me," Cole said with a smirk.
"Yeah, and it's your last," I said as I started to walk away yet.
"So, have you kissed Justin yet?" Cole said walking besides me.
"That's none of your business," I said ignoring him.
"Oh so you have?" Cole said being annoying.
"Maybe I have, maybe i didn't," I said glaring at him.
"I bet you did," Cole said smirking again. He looked me up and down and smiled then said, "cute outfit. Are you dressing up for somebody."
"No, bye now." I said as I walked past Cole and continued to walk down the hallway. Somebody walking a three-headed dog walked past me. The dog growled and I walked closer to the wall and walked a little fast. The dog must have been stonger than the person who was walking it cause the person lost a grip on the dog and the dog pounced on me. I curled up in a little ball. The dog it's nails into me and scratched me and it's three mouths were biting me all over. I saw a bright light and it went completely black. I woke sleeping in my bed. with bandages. Justin was sitting in one of the chairs, from my room, next to my bed. He had his head leaning on the bed. He must have been asleep. I sat up slowly. My stomach was in great pain. I grabbed it as I sat up. I leaned over and patted his head. He woke with a start. He stared at me for a second and then jumped onto my bed and hugged me.
"I thought you would never wake up," Justin said.
"What happened?" I asked still holding my stomach.
"One of the animals living here attacked you. You must have passed out when I got it off you. Do you remember anything?" Justin asked, concerned.
"I'm fine, I think," I said. Paco jumped up on my bed and rubbed against me. I picked him up and cuddled with him.
"I'm sorry about the outfit you were wearing. We couldn't get it completely clean," Justin said.
"Well you were bleeding from all you cuts," Justin said.
"Oh. I guess I was. How long was asleep?"
"2 weeks."
"Well you never would wake up."
"Did you stay by me 24/7 hoping I would wake up Justin?" I asked looking straight into his eyes.
He looked down and his cheeks flushed pink and whispered, "yes."
I lifted up his chin so he could look me straight in the eyes. I whispered back to him, "thank you." Justin put his hand on my cheek and rubbed it smoothly, he slowly leaned in to kiss me, but Paco jumped up and started attacking Justin's face. Justin grabbed Paco and threw him across the room. I gasped, luckily Paco landed on his feet, but his fur stood up and he hissed at Justin. I slapped Justin in the arm lightly. I hopped of my bed and ran over to Paco. I picked him up and craddled him like a baby in my arms. I glared at Justin and said, "why did you throw him?"
"He attacked me!" Justin complained.
"Hey, maybe he just doesn't like you," I suggested.
"You know animals are just like humans, they have feelings, and they like some people and some people they hate," I argued back. Justin hopped off the bed and walked over to where I was standing, stood behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. He leaned down and kissed my cheek. I blushed slightly. I bent over and gently put Paco on the ground, stood up and spun around to face Justin. I placed my arms around Justin's neck.
Justin leaned down and whispered in my ear, "so can I kiss you this time? Every time we seem to kiss you are the one kissing me."
I whispered back into his ear, "sure, if you want to." Justin pulled back to look at my face. He leaned in softly kissed my lips. This kiss was different than any guy I've ever kissed. Even Cole and Lucas. I pulled away abruntently. Justin looked at me confused. I pulled away from his grasp completely and started pacing around the room. Justin grabbed my arm to make me stop, and it worked. I stopped pacing around the room.
"What is wrong?" Justin asked.
"Okay, but it's a long story."
"Tell me," Justin pleaded.
"Okay well they day that I came here, I ran into Cole and he kissed me, so I punched him and ran away. There was this guy, named Lucas, that I've had a crush on for a long time and he caught up to me and I slapped him thinking it was Cole. I felt really bad and then I found out Cole told Lucas that me and Cole were dating, and we were definitely not. So I went to yell at Cole and fell into Lucas' lap and Lucas confessed his feelings and kissed me. But, I was too embarrassed at the time to admit mine so I ran into Cole and Cole said he wanted me and he kissed me again. Lucas pushed Cole out of the way and and said that I was Lucas' now and kissed me. Cole was jealous because Cole was trying for a year and I gave into Lucas in one day, so Cole punched Lucas. I was really pissed off by now by all the fighting so before I knew it my hand started to glow and punched Cole all the way to the other side of the town. Lucas told me to jump on his back so I did and we ran farther and faster then I thought we would go. He sat me down and we took a break. Lucas wouldn't answer my questions, so we went back to the town, but were interupted because Lucas tripped over something and I flung into a tree and was knocked out. When I woke up, Lucas was gone and Paco was there instead. So, I walked back to the town and over heard Jack and Cole talking so they brought me hear," I explained quickly. Justin looked deep in thought.
Justin walked over to Paco and slapped his so hard across the face that he flung into a wall and fell limp. I ran over and grabbed Justin's arm and screamed, "WHY DID YOU JUST DO THAT?"
Justin answered my scream with a screamed, "BECAUSE THAT IS NOT JUST ANY CAT! THAT IS LUCAS! HE IS A LITTLE PERVERT!" I walked over to my bed and sat on the edge in disbelief. Justin came over and sat next to me and put his arm around me to comfort me. It didn't really work.
I mumbled to myself, "I can't believe it," over and over.
Justin rubbed my back, "I sorry that you had to deal with it, I mean a pervert watching you change is pretty bad."
I glared at Justin and said, "I don't care about that. I was worried about Lucas, I had no idea what happened to him and he was right under my nose all this time." The little white cat that laid lifeless on the floor turned into a naked Lucas. I covered my eyes quickly. Justin ran over and came back. I looked up and a blanket covered Lucas. Lucas started to shallowly breath. I stood up and walked over to wear Lucas laid. I kneeled down next to Lucas and played with his hair and said to Justin, "leave me." I heard him stand up and walk slowly out of my room. Then, I looked down and the tears poured from my eyes. Some landed on Lucas' face. They must have startled him because he quickly sat up. He lifted my chin so he could look me in the eyes.
"What's wrong Aimee?" Lucas said with worry in his eyes.
"I-didn't-know-what-happened-to-you," I stumbled on every word, because of me crying.
"Shhhhh, shhh, shhhhh, it's okay now," Lucas said comforting and craddled me in his arms. I nuzzled my face into his bare chest. Lucas whispered into my ear, "you know, I would stand up, but I would be exposed." I giggled at his remark.
I stood up and looked at him with pleading eyes and said, "I'll be right back, don't move." I left the room and ran into Julie, stopped her in her tracks when she saw my tears. She started to ask but I interrupted by saying, "can you get me some men's underwear, pants and a shirt please Julie? My friend in my room needs some close." Julie walked away quickly and came back with neatly folded clothes. She smiled and I smiled back saying, "thank you." I walked back into my room. After I closed the door behind me, I walked over to Lucas and placed the clothes on his lap. I turned around and walked a few steps and said, "not looking." I covered my eyes with my hands. The next thing I knew hands were on top of my hands and somebody said, "guess who?" I popped my hip and balanced on one leg and said, "Lucas....," he hands were removed and he spun me around and my hands landed on his chest. He smiled, leaned down and kissed me on the lips.
Lucas sighed and pulled away saying, "I've missed that so much, seeing him kiss you was horrible, you know that?"
"Seeing him hit you was horrible," I replied.

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