---Soul's Histroy in Project CROSS---

Appeared in different roles and appearance:

Mid-Core Series (Novel, 2006)
Role: Main character
Appearance: Her regular looks

Lovely Lady, Cream (Manga, 2007)
Role: Supporting Character
Appearance: Has plain black hair, in student uniform, has amnesia

Release CROSS Eighteen (Fighting Game, 200 cool
Role: Outcast
Appearance: Normal looks, without scarf

Arcaster (Novel, 2009)
Role: Supporting Character
Appearance: Outfit changes, in black coat with dapper hat.

Arcyrus (Novel, 2010)
Role: Supporting Character
Appearance: Normal looks, only in student uniform

Blade of Forte (RPG game, 2011-2012)
Role: Supporting Character
Appearance: Has a pirate hat, new black-jacket scarf, different sword

The Night All Angels Cry (RPG game, 2012-under development due to lack of programmers and writers)
Role: Supporting Character
Appearance: Completely different, she is a cat here

Blade of Forte II (Novel, 2012-on going)
Role: Guest Character
Appearance: Her current looks right now.

Captain's Log (Novel, 2014-????)
Role: Supporting Character
Appearance: Her current looks right now.


---Soul Ravenous' ability and power---

Thread Neferabuz, her sword that absorbs life from the victim.
Solid Gear Band, Soul's metal right hand. Supposed to be the key to the gates of Soul Axis. Can emit a large amount of energies which causes a huge impact when released.

Fate's Core, makes an Hour-Devour immortal but has a side effect that when over used, it will burn the soul of the user.
Time Keeper's Mantra, allows Soul to stop time.
Fate Cards, also called Wild Cards. Soul can summon an illusion of a hero's reflection. Summoning Wildcards destroys the balance of the reflection world.
<<<Initial Cards>>>
-Axel of Organization XIII-
-Shana of the Holy Flame-
-Black Rock Shooter-
-Hatsune Miku-
-Beyond the Grave-

(Total of 1000 cards. Only 200 wildcards were used in Blade of Forte, 25 in The Night all Angels Cry, in Captain's Log it was planned for Soul to carry ONLY 10 cards.)

Other Wild Card summoners in the whole Project CROSS series:
-Viselle Venomort Xenon-
-Mustang Hellfire-
-Tederich Wolfgang-
-Enji Kurusube-