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Holiday! [Sorry for the late post!]
hello hello!
so i've been like not post since.. my last final exam!?
haha i know, i know.. i'm sorry guys ! sweatdrop sweatdrop
but then again, it's holiday!
and i was hoping i got a good score.. and i did!

yay! i'm in the rank 9 in my Class! and believe it or not..
all my friend in my class are a geniuses.
at first i can't believe that i'm in rank 9 ! in the super geniuses Class!
and i can't believe that i can beat ALl geniuses in my class !! (well not all of it. but.. uh,, you know what i mean.. right? :p )

well, thank god that i can spend my holiday with nothing to worry rofl rofl

really? that what you think RIzka?

okay. so here i am. in my room. i'm Spending my Holiday
with watching some Movie that i borrowed from my friend
and watching Anime, Durarara and HOTD.
and yes i finished watching HOTD in one day. and still
on Going watching Durarara. Altough i'm bored like hell
i still think that Drrr and HOTD is a great Anime!

and i would love to watch HOTD season 2. (well, if its exist )
because that Anime rock!!
well, i mean,, really!
and i usually hioping that something happen in Anime
would happen in my real life, But for HOTD? well not so much.
i don't wan't to live in a Zombie world. well, not yet. hahah.

but seriously guys, you should watch that anime.
but i should warn you that anime full of violence and blood.
altough some act will make you laugh and you might make that
WTF face biggrin because the epicness! (and the ecchi thing... *EHEM)

okay, so back to the point. in this holiday i'm not going anywhere,
i don't know why, i wan't to go to mall and spend time at cafe with my friend.
but my all my friend are out of town. i want to go out with my parent.
but they all busy. my brother going to other town to spend holiday with his friend. gosh i hope that when i'm in high school my parent would let me spend holiday with
my friend. and my sister still in college. no holiday until next week.

suck isn't it?

and the most sickening part is.. i'm alone in my big house.
yes, people. i'm alone in my house! and don't know wahat to do,
and then i'm ended up in Gaia Online. well, sorta like that.

well, see you guys in other post.
i got some of Durarara episode that i have to watch. lol smile

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