Hello Gaia!
This is my very first entry!

My Day
Today I have just been saving up to buy a guild, 20,000 bucks is alot to save up to.
I have fished, walked in towns, played zomg, played cards, played word bump, played jigsaw, played pinpall and did some other stuff!

My Brain
Mmmm cheese, what if I could mix cheese and a Pop Tart!!!!! Wait, that would taste bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hmmmmmm . . . Chevy, Ford, Toyota, I go with . . . CHEVY!!!!!!! Verizon, at&t, I go with Verizon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PROPAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! GEIKO!!!!!!!!!!!!! BURGER KING!!!!!!!!!!! JACOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOUTHWEST!!!!!!!!!!! Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I like to have a monopoly, yep nooooo compition!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Wants
Mony, tokens, tickets, to be able to fly, able to punch through iron!!!!!!!! Thats alll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PEACE OUT!!!!!!!!!!