I am havin a freak day. If anyone reads this, please comment. I need some help here.
It all started at like 1 o'clock last night. I was bored outta my skull. I had my bf callin me in an hour, but my phone was dead. That was the weirdest hour of my life. (or morning) Here's what happened;

~got on the computer, went on you-tube and typed in Mama- My Chemical Romance.
Then, Taylor ******** Swift popped up! Wtf?!

~ So I turned off the computer and decided to write a song. I figured I'd write about my feelings. As I was writing, my cousin started moaning. (I don't wanna know what was goin on in her head.)

~ So I finally gave up. I lied down on my floor and stared at the ceiling. I fell asleep. Even weirded. I don't usually fall asleep until like 4.

~ Had the freakiest dream of my life, and woke up at about 5.

~ figured out my bf called and he was gonna be worried. And I was pretty damn worried too.

That was my freaky night. Please comment. At the moment I am typing while hanging upside down and eating something i found under my bed. (possibly suicide.) xd lmao!