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O͍̮͑̿͜p̵͍̗̱͔̹̅ͭ͐̽e̴͈͎ͨ͗̀͛ͥ̐̅ṋ̡͙̜̖̥͉͛͗̈̀ ̦͔͔̑ͤ̋̆͟͝y̴̷͌̓̈́̌̓̉̈̓ͪ҉̩͖̹͚̻̫̞ő̬̥̙̰̺̙̺ͭ̄̊͟͞ư̜̯͕̖̱͈̦ͨ̾͂́ŗ̴̱̤̇̅͛͂͌ͫ́̄ ̰̘̦̻ͭ͊̋͠͝e̢̹̞̤̖̲͎̋͟ͅy̖͍̹̘͖̙̙ͤ̉ͪ̽́͗ͪ̊́͢͠e̴̩̦̮̎͆̍̈́͟͞s͓͇̞̳̝̠̐͒͑ͥ̓͑ͧ͗̚͞.̸̧̲̦̥̓ͦ̋͛͋
I would wish upon a star...
...But that star, it doesn't shine.

Who wants to hear a story of younger me passing up the only chance to get the "Conventioneer" achievement that I will ever get? biggrin Me too!

Alright, let me take you back to the summer of 2010. I think it was June; if so, I was still 13, as my birthday wouldn't have been until the following month. I would be starting my freshman year of high school in a few months, but until then it was time to do what every kid did during summer vacation and live it up until then! I was dreading it especially as middle school had been the three worst years of my life so far, between bullying kids and the equally-as-bullying adults of the school (the principal of that school being the worst, as an old jock who clearly wanted to re-live being popular in high school- only as an adult would I realize things he said to me were completely inappropriate).

My mom, wanting to do something nice for me and knowing how much I was worrying (which, turned out to be for no reason, as I went to a campus of a few high schools with 7000 or so students, so even as a goth, brony, furry, and weeb I didn't stand out at all), surprised me by taking me to a local small anime convention that had a free attendance day on Sunday. She didn't know much about anime, but she tried really hard to find something like that near us (later, we would both learn about YomaCon being close by, but yanno...), and I appreciated it.

The first thing I seen when entering the convention space was a booth for Gaia Online! There were people at it handing out cards, though I had no idea what Gaia was at the time and figured I would leave whatever virtual currency or items they were giving out for people who actually played their game. I went on to buy a few small things, like some cute little plush blobs with "kawaii" faces that could be attached to your belt, a cat-eared hat from Pawstar (who don't seem to be around anymore..?), and a white snakeskin-looking (faux, I'm sure) collar with a blue bell that I wore every day for the next four years until it broke from wear.

A few months later, I was talking with a friend about anime (online, I think?), and found out about Gaia. It seemed cool, so I joined and got really into it. And, as with anything that has a collection aspect to it, I set about trying to collect all the achievements. That's when I noticed... "Conventioneer"... Ah well, Gaia is really popular with the anime scene, so I'm sure to eventually get another chance, right?

Ha ha ha. xd crying

Anyway, hope you all enjoyed my little sad story. xD
Now I'm off to bed. Woop.

So read my book with a boring ending,
A short story of a lonely guy...

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