My wife is trying to convince me to finish writing my book. Ironically I tend to only write when I am having a bad day. But life has been good.

We were talking about where the story could progress through since I really only stopped writing because i was stuck. She gave me helped my work through some ideas and I think I could probably pick the project back up.

I am also developing a game and I'm going to try to get my wife to do the art for it. A pretty sizable chunk of the game has been finished already, but i tried my had at working out the art for the game and it just made me sad. She is pretty good, and I think she may have been wanting to work on a project anyway to get back into creating art more consistently. I'm kind of sick of working on it to be honest. Its just a clicker idol game so their isn't really much too it beyond the math involved. I'm hoping having some new art for it will spark some inspiration.