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This is for everyone who is at least a tiny bit interested in the braindead me xD
3-Months-Angel - Chapter 3 Don't take me lightly
Han Chun Hei POV

The lesson went by peacefully.

So far so good. I should make a plan on how to approach that grumpy douche bag in the back of the classroom. Hm... Maybe, I should force Dae Ho to befriend him first. Guys always find friends easily after all. I don't know how they do it, but I know that it always works, even when they start off as enemies at first...

"Ms. Han."


"Han Chun Hei!"

"Yes! Seonsaengnim!" I quickly stood up startled by the irritated sounding voice interrupting my thoughts.

"You shouldn't daydream during my lesson." Mr. Choi flared.

"Tell me the answer to '2ab + cb = 2 (ab + cb)'." he continued expecting me to fail.


"Well? I'm waiting..." he raised an eyebrow looking down on me with a smirk.

s**t! What would I give to smack that ******** irritating smirk out of his face! Oh well, he doesn't know me because I have never taken any of his courses before. So his expectations for me are to fail because I am either stupid or intimidated by him. Unfortunately, I will have to disappoint him. I'm going to teach him that one shouldn't take me lightly or think of me as worthless scum that can only loiter around in the hallways because that is sooo~ not what I am. Kekeke

"The answer to '2ab + bc = 2 (ab +bd )' is 'c = 2d'." I answered smoothly.

His evil smirk slipped a bit. I could practically see the gears in his mind working to find a way to make me look like a fool and to save himself from further embarrassment.

"W-well then, how about '(24ab + 4bc) / 48bc = d'?" He tried again.

I rolled my eyes, sighed my are-you-kidding-me-sigh and then answered.

"That would be '2 = d'." I said shooting a smug expression at the rattled teacher not hiding the provocative glint in my eyes. "Anything else you want to know, Seonsaengnim?" My voice was dripping with sarcasm. "Oh, and btw. , Seonsaengnim, your fly is open."

His eyes flew from me down to his open fly and then to me again his face turning red due to embarrassment. He opened his mouth to say something while quickly zipping it up, but he got cut off by the bell. Closing his mouth he looked first at the bell above the door and then at me with a hateful aura surrounding him. After picking up his things from the teacher's desk he shot me one last loathsome glare and then rushed off out of the room.

UOH~ I hurt his teacher pride~ Kekeke

See? You shouldn't act all arrogant in front of me or I would be sure to drag you off of your high horse. xP

Feeling everyone's eyes on me I turned around to look at Dae Ho who was laughing his a** off almost falling off of his chair.

I arched an eyebrow at him.

"********, Chun Hei! Did you see the daggers he shot at you?" He wiped his left eye which was teary due to laughing so hard. "What would you have done if his fly wasn't open?"

"I would have said that his wig had slipped." I replied nonchalantly.

"No s**t! You are so bad!"

"I know." I grinned and shrugged singing "[******** yeah! I'm a bad girl~ Amuri saeng gakhaedo maldo andwae, bad girl~ Jakkuman ni saenggage michyeo michyeo, bad girl~" in my head.

(A/N If you don't know what song she's singing, let me help you out for a bit. It's "Bad Girl" by B2st.)

Suddenly, Eun Ae's voice came out from behind of me.

LoL I forgot to mention that she was sitting on my right side. Haha

"Dae Ho, watch your language!" she scolded him and then turned to me. "Chun Hei, we all know that you are ranked third in the whole school, but you still shouldn't have picked on Choi-seonsaengnim... "

Like that could be called "picked on"... I'm capable of doing even worse things to that shitload... And should I mention that Eun Ae is ranked second in the whole school? First is the student council president who goes by the name of Kim Jae Sun. Btw. although I've been going to this school for a year already, I've never ever seen him, not even in a picture, only read his name whenever the results of the tests were put up... Not a single soul has seen him... I'm not exaggerating... I asked around and the answer was always the same. No one has ever seen him. What is he? The phantom of the opera? Wait! Even the phantom of the opera can be seen from time to time... That makes Kim Jae Sun a ghost or at least an invisible existence wandering around school... Wow... Creepy...

"But he started it..." I pouted knowing full well that Eun Ae couldn't resist my Aegyo.

"Aigoo~ Chun Hei, don't act all cute with me..." she said her tone getting softer.

Kekeke It always works, even after all these years.

"You should go apologize to him..." Eun Ae suggested.

Not one of her best ideas, I tell you.

"Me? Apologize to that sorry excuse of an a*****e of a math teacher?" I exclaimed.

"Chun Hei! Where did you learn to use those words?" UOH... I triggered her umma-mode...

I glanced at Dae Ho which didn't go unnoticed to Eun Ae. She gave him a reproachful look.

"Uh... I shouldn't have taken her to watch so many gangster movies, I guess?" he said with an apologetic smile.

Haha Dae Ho is in some deep s**t there... But seriously, even if my speech is kinda ******** up because of him, he is the best boy childhood friend one could ever have. To make an example... If I told him that I had killed someone, let's say Mr. Choi for example, he would first say something like "And? What do you intend to do now?" and I would be like "Bury him... at midnight... Help me, please?" *puppy eyes*. Then he would most likely say "Sure, why not..." *shrugs* immediately. Man, I love this guy. As a friend of course, not a lover. LoL~

"Eun Ae~" I whined giving her my irresistible puppy eyes, "Don't be mad, please?"

She only took one look at me and then sighed.

Yes! Gottcha! MUAHAHAHA... Oh man... I shouldn't have watched so many gangster movies with Dae Ho... My mind is mush because of them... Heck! Even I am weirded out by what I'm thinking sometimes. Gotta punish Dae Ho for dragging me to those movies one of these days. Haha

"Anyways, we should get going. What courses do you have next?" Eun Ae asked forgetting all about making me go apologize to the jerk teacher.

Dae Ho, Eun Ae and I pulled out our schedules to compare them.

"Hell Yeah!" Dae Ho and I shouted out in unison giving each other a high five in the progress and gaining a scolding look from Eun Ae. Though she couldn't hide the amused smile adorning her lips.

We have almost all of our courses together. WOOT! There iss only one exception.

When Dae Ho has physical education, I would go to my music and dance course while Eun Ae is in home economics. Isn't this school awesome? SK High is the elite of the elite. The students can choose their courses when it comes to developing their talents. That is a huge advantage to the students.

Eun Ae is bad at sports, but good at cooking and stuff. She is the shining star in the home economics course. Dae Ho is an ace at every sport you could find. Martial sports are no exception. He even taught me some moves for self-defense saying that they would come in handy when I had to get away from my fan girls and fan boys in the whole school.

Yes, you heard right. I have my own fan club. Just because I am the best at singing and dancing in the whole school and my looks are above average, they chase me around school asking me to sign their belly and such or they just throw their underwear at me... Eeew... gross... -_-'

But Dae Ho's and Eun Ae's popularity isn't half bad either. Dae Ho can't rescue himself from the many sports clubs chasing after him trying to persuade him into joining their club. And it is also always funny to see the girls drooling over him and I mean it when I say "drool". ROFL Eun Ae has got half the school, teachers included, swooning over her. All in all, we three are known as the top idols of SK High.

After packing our things we left the classroom leaving our classmates behind who had witnessed everything, from the beginning when I played my game with Mr. jerk (I mean Mr. Choi if you haven't noticed xP) up until the end when Dae Ho, Eun Ae and I left the classroom.

Sigh... People can be such stalkers sometimes... Not like it actually bothers me or anything... I'm an attention whore after all. Well, most of the time at least. wink Kekeke

Zhin Jin Ae
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Zhin Jin Ae
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