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Kefkas profiles, Art, and other Crap

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Motoko's dream 2 (memory)

She turns herself toward the voice. "You know my name, use it Kefka." The slime hops down from her head and returns to his master.
"M-mo... I thought you said not to use it."
"You saved me from death at the hands of evil, That's more than enough to warrant using it. It's awkward always being called "Ninja friend" by everyone anyway. You can use it when we're alone or on the Eyrie." She turns back toward the waterfall. Kefka stands beside her.
"Looks like I wasn't the only one who couldn't sleep."
"Not used to actual beds after so long sleeping on the ground? The mats at home are a step up from bedrolls, but it shouldn't be..." Kefka's raises an eyebrow.
"Are you feeling alright? You're usually so... direct. Did Vartan put you up to this?" Motoko sighed.
"I've just been doing some thinking. About who I am, who I want to be, the way I've acted in the past. Thought I could loosen up a little." She unconsciously rubs her stump of a left arm before wincing.

"You don't need to change so suddenly. Let it come naturally." Kefka looks at Motoko's shoulder. "It still hurts doesn't it? I wasn't there when it happened, but I can't imagine how painful..."
"The pain is more in my mind than my body. The memories, the stares, the feeling of helplessness. I let them eat away at me for all that time, even when we travelled together after Neos." She scoffed and puts her hand over her mouth. "Years of training for physical and emotional control and I spill it all to an outsider." Kefka sets Howard down on the ground and turns to Motoko.
"Have I ever told you how I wound up adventuring? My mother..." The dream ends as she wakes up in her room at home. She looks at her hand.
"I already know. Now we've both faced our traumas together."

There is a knock at her door.
"It's Yasuhiro. Good morning friend. I have something I must discuss with you urgently."
"You can also use my name Yasuhiro.
"Also? Are you feeling well lady Motoko?"

Motoko's dream. (Continued from sig)

The voice chuckles at her initial hesitance to face the figure. Is this how you see yourself? Your failures are all over your face, so you hide behind the mask and hide yourself away. As it should be, you can't have anyone else know you've failed. Their pity filled stares are like daggers in your heart. She tries to swing her metal arm at the figure, only for it to go through her as if she were mist. The figure shook a finger at her sarcastically slowly.

Temper young lady. This behavior is what drives people away. You can't command others if you're that reckless. A leg sweep is avoided with a spinning backstep from the figure. Oh wait, you let that young man with the slime order you around now don't you? It's his fault if you or others get hurt now isn't it? You can be as self-destructive as you want, force your trauma onto him. That will bring you back to who you were won't it? Remove me from your... The figure jumps in anticipation of another leg sweep, only to be grabbed by the arm with Motoko's flesh and blood hand. A voice emerges from behind the mask.

"I-I c-can't go back to who I was. I don't WANT to go back." She pulls the figure toward herself, dragging her foot behind the figure's and tripping it to the ground. "I know I'll never be fully rid of you. No matter how much I try you will always be there in some way. Whether it be here or in the absence of my a-arm, I will always be r-reminded of that day." She embraces the figure. "My failures are a part of me, but not all of me. I know who I am." The darkness covering the figure's face begins to fade away, revealing a younger Motoko's from the before she lost her arm.
"Resilient as always. Father taught us well." The figure transforms into a bright gas and flows into the holes in Motoko's mask. She removes it and runs a finger over her eyelid.
"No, we learned that ourselves."

The water fades away, transforming into a misty midnight landscape in front of a waterfall. Motoko feels a weight hop onto her head.
"Damn it Howard! I can't leave you alone for... Agh! I'm so sorry my friend." She turns herself toward the voice. "You know my name, use it Kefka."

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