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My World Of Roleplay And Art!
As the title says~! I put my roleplay characters, fanfiction characters, and avatar art in this little baby. *Taps book* Take a peek inside, nothing's stopping you!
Bleach OC: Liora Remenor
Name: Liora Remenor
Age: About 100 years of age, but has the appearance of eighteen; she is much younger than the other Arrancar.
Gender: Female
Rank: Arrancar #51; Fracción of Quinto Espada- Nnoitra Gilga.
Appearance: Lower back length sandy brown hair with bangs that reach just above the tip of her nose and are a bit unruly. Though her hair is only a slight bit disorderly, she is able to pull off the style and no one can ever tell it is messed up. Her eyes are a grayish- sea blue normally, but change with her emotions; bright green when angry, grey when depressed or tired, and electric blue when happy or excited. Her skin is a perfect shade of apricot, but she wishes she could tan because she thinks she is too white. Her remaining mask fragment starts just above her right ear and dips down and circles the back of her head ending just above her other ear. Her mask fragment also has exactly thirteen spikes aligned on the thin strip of bone sticking from the back and at a slight downward angle; almost like the positioning of the spines of a porcupine or echidna. Liora’s hollow hole resides just below her breasts- right where her solar plexus are- and it is fairly small compared to most Arrancar’s. Liora is a fairly thin Arrancar with a slight bit of curve, but not much by any means- especially compared to Harribel and her Fracción Mila Rose. Her height is about normal size for one like her; she is about 5’6.
*She wears her Arrancar top much like a changshan with long sleeves that run about three inches past the tips of her fingers (it is white, while the trimming is black), a neckline that reaches about an inch or so up her neck, and the bottom of the shirt is split into three sections- the front, the back left and the back right- which divide at the hips and go down to her knees. Also, the top of her uniform has six, short, horizontal, black trim lines that start just above her breasts and make their way down just to her bellybutton. Her bottoms are a simple pair of white hakama and what she wears on her feet is a pair of black tabi and white sandals- that are actually mostly covered by her long pants. Then, to top off her outfit, Liora wears two criss-crossed black belts that are at an odd angle around her waist. These straps are where Liora holds her Zanpakutō.

Zanpakutō Name: Equidna Reina
Zanpakutō Appearance: A simple katana, Equidna Reina has a navy blue hilt with a black pommel and guard. The sheath is black with a blue sageo and it is held in Liora's belts.

Release: By shouting "Impale their bodies!", Liora is able to release her Zanpakutō’s true form. In this form, Equidna Reina changes into a spear with a fairly short point and a spiked bottom as well. Both sharpened ends of the spear are quite short, but the body of the spear itself is long for great reach.

Release Word: Impale
Resurrección: In this state, Liora's hair drastically shortens; it reaches her jaw. Her remaining mask fragment completely covers the top of her head and down her back; many spikes- which were made from her Zanpakutō- protrude from the hard bone. Her hands are covered by bone that look like paws and attached to them are thick, triangular shaped, curved claws; four of them on each hand. Her long top also shortens; the three sections of her shirt disappear and her breasts are just barely covered- the sleeves however do not change, neither do her pants. Along with the spiky shell on her head and back, also made of the bone, is a short tail, barely distinguishable from the spikes themselves. Her release resembles that of an Echidna.

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