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As The World Go By...
Titled As The World Go By, I will be talking about things that happen to me and/or the people around me that happen. I got bored so I decided to create entries of day happenings.
Entry 001 -Birth-

Got bored by everything from the world so far, so many re-runs on TV most movies that come out looks or sounds suckish. So I'm pretty much am just type whatever comes into my head on things I've read, done, discoveries, things I've watched so things that have happened. If you wish to read my entries then you may do so and if not then I couldn't care less, if your here just to critizie, mock or any of the above well then kick rocks cuz I ain't listening. One of the things I will mention that has happened to me was that I've noticed was something appearing in the corner of my eye as I went down the stairs from the 2nd floor of my father's house. I'm ******** serious as I was going down the stairs from the corner of a wall some dark shadow figure with what seems to be two horns on each side of it's head appeared as if coming out from the out closest room, well it used to be a closest room, now he's fixing it to be a much better room from what it used to be. Oh I probably should have mentioned this in the begining of this entry is that I may start posting up entry each week or two OR whenever I can since I really don't go to my father's place. To mention my parents have split and I stay with my mother for the week and drive to my father's on some of the weekends. As I'm typing this crap it's about 11am in the morning and yeah, I don't really sleep early or anything... That is unless I have work the next day but tonight I don't. I sleep when I fall asleep and most of the time that happens around 4 or 5 in the morning. Wonder how other people go about writing notes or entries because I feel like I'm typing boring s**t and may be boring the s**t out of you or ya'll how ever many people may be reading this crap. I'm not meaning anything by saying that, if you read this it doean't make you someone with no life... though that most likely may be me at the freaken moment. So dar I went to college and failed, I thought of working for a while. Went good for a while but then failed also and as I was working, I now saw what was gonna be my future If I had keeping going like that. First of all working in warehouses suck unless you loooooove to work, see I myself am not a worker. I'm the lazy type, don't get me wrong, I'll do what I need to but I'm not working over my limit. s**t screw that I'd rather be a lab rat.. BUT that will be the way laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast thing I will ever do. I'd only do that kindof crap If I had lost one or both my legs or any of that, though I probably shouldn't have said that, wouldn't that be like talking down on people whom lost thier legs or limbs or something? well incase it did I apologize people. Well I can keep typing more buuuuuut I don't feel like it so that will be all for tonight soooooooooooooooooooooooooo go kick rocks for now... go sleep.... shoo, go on... come back again for the next entry Entry 002 -Once Again-

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  • [12/13/11 07:24pm]
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