These people are just so dang nice, and just like how they held out their hands for me, I'll try my best to hold my hand out for others. These people are sincere, loving, and care for others, and they'll always have a special place in my hearts, even though this is only a game. [I'm sentimental.] {: .

Zonky ; aquatica [i LOVE zonky] &3
Itachis_Adorable_Uke ; 2,ooo ; May15 &3
J_Skellington1 ; 1o,ooo [so nice !!] ; May15 &3
S o t-t h e- P a n d a ; 2,ooo ; May 26 &3
xXForbidden DestinyXx ; 2,ooo ; May 30 <3

People I've Donated to
[as of May 17, o9].
I've donated to a lot of people before, but now I've decided to make a list of those I donated to, just for future references.

Leiko Aneko - 1,ooo
[Ms.KiTsuKami] - 1,ooo
AkumuXII - Brown Magical Giftbox
Simply Spink - several items & 1,ooo
Rawr_the_Monkey - 4 black inks & 1,ooo
EchoLoupgarou - 1,ooo
XXcjs9618XX - 4,ooo
xXLittle-Emo-poptartXx - 5,ooo
Treehouse Talk - 3,ooo
Shadowkiller_Silving - 3,ooo
halor33p3r - several items & 1,795
dragon_of_emry - 1o,ooo
stevenimpersonator - 1o,ooo
5 people [too lazy to list names] - 1,ooo each
[forgot who... i forgot about this journal] - 3o,ooo & cream tam beret