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Eragon and Arya
Fantasy Fiction
Revenge on the Ra`zac
Chapter 1

A week hadn't even past since the victory at the Burning Plains, and already they were back in Surda.

Eragon had already told his cousin of everything that had befallen him since they had last seen each other. In turn Roran recounted to him of his travels from Carvahall, over the Spine, and to Surda.

Saphira was especially intrigued with Roran, since she had never been able to speak or meet with her rider's cousin before Garrow's death; and was never able to see him after his death either.
Eragon did keep his training with Master Oromis quiet, and most of the secrets about Ellesmera, though he did indulge Roran with as much information as he could to satisfy his inquiries. He also kept Arya's true identity, as the Elvin Princess, a secret.
"Eragon, will you come with me to rescue Katrina?” asked Roran cautiously.

"Yes, the Ra'zac have much to answer for,” replied Eragon coldly. He then leaned against the wall, while watching Roran gather his things to travel to Dras-Leona. When his thoughts unbiddingly turned to his brother, Murtagh.

Murtagh, the one who had saved him from the Ra'zac; rescued him and Arya from the shade, Druza. The same person who was captured and taken to Galbatorix ,and forced to swear felty to in the ancient language.

Eragon didn't know whether to believe he was forced to, or if he was a willing servant to Galbatorix; he preferred the first. He knew Murtagh choose not to capture him, but still he didn't know. Eragon's thoughts were disrupted when someone knocked on his door.

Before Eragon could say anything, Arya stepped into the room. She was dressed in her cook leather armor, though it still stole his breath away. She then spoke,” I am sorry Shadeslayer, I wi-

She was interrupted by Eragon, ”No, you are already here. If you have something that you must speak of, you may do so now." Arya stared at him for a moment, contemplating what she should do. Finally, she nodded.

"Eragon shadeslayer, may I speak with you...alone?” The question started Eragon. He did not expect Arya to want to talk to him, exspecially alone. He subconsciously nodded his head yes; Roran stood up, and left the room.

"Atra nosa waise vardo fra eld hornya" Arya muttered, she then looked around and settled her gaze on Eragon. "I am going with you to Dras-Leona, wheather you agree or not Shadeslayer."

Her tone was as cold as winter’s breath, with a finality; leaving no room for arguement. All he could do was stare at her with a stony glare of his own, and for once she adverted her gaze first.

"Um…well, o- ok, Then start packing, we will leave tomorrow morning, before dawn.” he spoke in a monotone voice, trying to be devoid of emotion. She nodded and turned to leave, when she stopped and turned back. She looked at him with a different expression; he had turned back around, and was packing his things so he didn't know that she was watching him.

Finally she brought herself to leave. As her hand was almost on the doorknob, he spoke,” May I ask why you have not left yet, Princess?"

The word cut through her soul, making her burn with indignation. She replied, "I was only thinking on how we would get there, Shadeslayer?" She emphasized the word Shadeslayer, she watched him again. When she said the word, shadeslayer, she was surprised to see him flinch. Arya felt a paing of guilty for doing that; Eragon didn't truly knowhow she felt, if anything he, thought the opposite of the real truth.

"We shall ride on horse back, while Roran rides Saphira. That way, if we come across anything, we can handle it." He still had his back to her, but she knew something wasn't right.

"We shall kill the Ra'zac, and rescue Stronghammer's future wife; Do not worry."

Eragon turned swiftly on his heel, so now he was facing her. Now she could see the tears falling, unbidden, from his warm, brown eyes. "No, you shall help, but it is Roran's and my responsibility to kill the Ra'zac." the words were barely audible.

Surprised by this sudden show of emotion, Arya walked closer to him. What have the Ra'zac done to him? she pondered to herself.
"Why is it your responsibility?"

Eragon then realized that she did not know what had exactly happened to him, to cause him to run away with the town's story teller. So Eragon told her of everthing, he had not mentioned it before to either her or the queen, only Oromis; he thought it was a personal problem.

At the end of the telling, he was freely crying. Choked with emotion, and images of both, Garrow's and Brom's deaths, Eragon tried to turn away from her. Though when he did that, she caught his arm, and looked him in the eye.

He was completely lost in his own sorrow, and memories of past events; she could see the haunted look in his eyes. Arya then did something she had longed to do so many times before; she pulled him into a tight embrace.

Eragon let lose; he sobbed into Arya's shoulder, letting go of all his horrors. They stood like that for a few bitter-sweet moments; neither willing to admit that they wanted it to last forever.

When Eragon had gotten a grip on his emotions again, he went to pull away, and was surprised to find Arya holding on tighter to him. Surprised, he stopped and returned the jester by hugging her again. After a few moments, Arya finally relented, and they parted. Embarassed by what she had just done, she left quickly.

Roran came back in with a smug look on his face. Bewildered, Eragon asked him what it was he was so happy about; the answer surprised Eragon. "OH, well I just did not know that you, my brother, had a girlfriend. An elf, very beautiful elf, at that."

Eragon stood there with his mouth hanging open like an idiot. He questioned Roran on what evidence he had that Arya was his girlfriend.

"Well, when she came out, I asked her what took so long. Then, mind you I was just joking, I said, "Oh, never mind, I know. You two having some fun or something, eh?. "Then she smiled mischievously, and said, As a matter-of-fact, yes. Then she turned a very soft shade of red. Next, she asked me, well rather told me not to tell you...but I just had to."

Now it was Eragon who was turning a shade of red and not a soft shade of the color either. What did she mean? he thought to himself. Then, to get off the subject of him and Arya, he said,” Let us go speak with my liege lord, Nasuada."

Eragon and Roran set off to find Nasuada in the castle of Aberon, the capitol of Surda, and where they were staying. Finally, they found her in a chamber where she was seeing to the people of the Varden.

When they entered the room, Eragon was surprised to see Arya standing beside Nasuada. A small smile crept across his face; all Arya did to acknowledge it was a nod of her head.

Well elf, you do seem to like my rider after all? Arya mentally flinched at the dragons words.

Please, can we not speak of this Saphira I-

She was interrupted by Saphira, He knows, Roran told him Arya. At this she shifted her gaze to Roran, who was watching her with a look of satisfaction on his face; Eragon spoke with Nasuada, unaware of the death glare the elf was giving his cousin.

"Thank you my liege-lord, I shall return as quickly as fate allows me to." Nasuada dismissed him with a wave of her hand, and he left.

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