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Guess what..........
Why did I even come back?
When did people get to be so mean? Like seriously. There is like this tension in the air around me I think. I think I was trying to find some info out about an Rp and I was getting insulted left and right. Defending myself never helps either. Because generally I insult them back. But things only get worse from there. Comfront them about it and they play stupid. Like they had no idea. Like What the ******** man?

I think someone called me a noob too. Im not an F-ing Noob! I have been on Gaia for like..ever! I know how to Rp im not an idiot! I don't think I have had anyone ask me to Rp with them and then when I bring it up later they totally shoot me down! Like damn!
I checked on some of the Rp's I have left a while ago too. Its safe to say they died or moved on just fine without me. I suppose I should be happy that they didn't need me to live. But Joining again would be pointless for sure.
I have had words that wouldn't usually mean anything suddenly bring a bit of a sting of pain.

Just to put some down:
"Yeah, but I always have 3+ roleplays going on. I'm just greedy. I have several going on right now, so I really don't need to roleplay with you.Guess ya shouldn't have shot me dooown. Now you're bored and I'm content.
"Consider that."
"I'm just saying most people are very into their set way of roleplaying in pairs that they probably won't make room for your character. "
[[Actually ****, it wasn't that literate. I could make my posts pretty like that if i wanted, but i only have 3 tekFormats and I'm using them all, and it would be too much trouble.]]

I don't think I am liked here, and I don't think I am wanted much either...Maybe coming back was a bad idea....

The feeling it gives me is like a chill that runs through my body. Neither warm or cold but just a chill that makes your nose tingle. My throat feels tight and I feel all I can do is hang my head and blame myself.

I can't quite remember what I did wrong but I'm sure what ever idea i can fathom is beyond all of the things I have done wrong. Maybe I deserve it after all. If this is what its like..then...I would rather leave.

I ran away from home and got pretty far, I almost ended up dead....
But I would rather lay half dead on the side of the road then face so much...crap like this again. Its moments like these I feel so hollow inside.

It is then I know when I am most truly alone...

Devil of Diamonds
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Devil of Diamonds
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