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Name: Peony
Gender: Female
Age: unknown
Species: Centaur
Orientation: Pansexual
Occupation: Forest Guardian
Personality: Hot-Blooded, Sassy, Courageous, Stubborn
Homeland: Grassbarrow Forest
Worships: Gaia
Element: Earth
Special Ability: Plant Manipulation, this ability includes growth and destruction. Her emotions tend to effect her ability for better and worse.
Likes: Flowers, Music, Magic, Looking Pretty
Dislikes: A lot of things
Peony is one of the several guardians in the Grassbarrow Forest, blessed by the Goddess with magic. Much like the other guardians, she lives a solitary life. In the clan she was born in, when a centaur awakens with an ability, they are banished from the clan in order to fulfill their duties as a guardian. Peony was sent away when she was just a mere pony. Though there's no need to pity her. Even a young taur has the basic knowledge on how to survive, even if it means running away from something bigger and stronger.

Because she smells like the lovely peony, hence her name, she prefers to loiter in floral glades so that her scent blends in with the scenery. Plus, it is only natural for a beauty to be in a colourful garden.
Marital Status: Single

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Name: Ethel von Holle
Gender: Female
Age: 25 years
Species: Human
Orientation: Undetermined, possibly bisexual
Occupation: Secretary for a military weaponry facility
Personality: Quiet, Withdrawn, Caring, Intelligent
Home Town: Steam Wheel, which is an industrious military town outside the capital of the country Osabion
Special Ability: Ethel is, what her father calls, hawk eyes with a dog's nose. She can see from a great distance, but she still hasn't figured out how to use that gift without getting massive headaches, so she doesn't use it unless she needs to. The "dog's nose" refers to her ability to find things quickly. If someone lost their keys, she oddly enough always knows where they are.
Likes: Custom guns, Designing various useful objects, Coffee, Romance Novels
Dislikes: Headaches, Being underestimated, Too much paperwork, Sunny days
Ethel was born to a middle class family. Her father worked at a facility that constructions military weapons and her mother taught piano. For awhile, she learned how to play from her mother until she eventually lost interest all together. Then she found herself absorb in books and drawing. Even when she was in school, all she'd do were draw and read instead of playing hopscotch or jump rope with the other girls. When she got into her teens, she found herself fascinated by guns, canons, and sabers. Everything from their design to how they looked, she loved it.

As Ethel got old enough to work and money became tight, her father helped her get a job with him. However, because of her gender, his boss didn't want her playing around with dangerous equipment, so he gave her a secretary position since the former secretary had to step down from her position. Ethel didn't mind since she was able to observe when she was delivering notes and what not.
Marital Status: Single
Other: As far as goals go, Ethel desires to design custom weapons for her country. Though, because she's a woman, she gets strange looks when she even brings up the subject.

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