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been like this for a while...
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. Name: Epitomb (Ep-e-tome)
Age: 30 (this is like a teenager for his race)
Race: Savante (will be explained in bio)
Personality: Decietful, spiteful, hates being serious, lacks real understanding of normal emotions dealing with other races. Epitomb has only the goal to make enemies. Not for any specific reason such as overthrowing the world he just enjoys making enemies. Even if for a short period of time. Yes, even if it's making an enemy in a board game, that counts to him. He can however be blood thirsty as well, as he does enjoy violence and bloodshed. Which i s simply part of his upbringing.

Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual

The truth of Epitomb: The Savante are a race of people who do not call one realm or the other home. It's slightly a mystery as to where they have come from, and where they stay as the race is always moving around from one place to the next. Throughout history they have been directly involved in the majority of conflicts across realms and nations. Some foreign to the current areas, and some all too familiar. Unfortunately not much is known about their motives outside of those that live within their world. Outsiders are often welcomed but it's hard to say if they live long enough to talk about their stay or simply mesh with the world of the Savante all together.

The Savante exist only to make chaos and turmoil, they exist only to have enemies, they exist only to create opposition. This is the way of the Savante's life, and to them it is nothing more than harmless fun. They see no evil in the workings that they do, and no one could ever convince one otherwise. Epitomb was raised much like any other Savante to seek out these ventures and excel in them. However he took a heavy liking to the teachings. He was one of the few who stuck to studies and fought many battles. In fact Epitomb at the young age of 10 went into battles for other Savante's who had created chaos in other areas. He had no reason to do it, but he simply wanted to.

Over and over he found himself falling into battle for someone else over something else that he had nothing to do with. It left his body hardened, and scared. However it left him in a state of bliss and nirvana. He is in no way a masochist but he sure does enjoy creating or at least being a part of the havok. Which gets really interesting whenever he is involved as he tends to joke around far too much about certain circumstances. Even if they aren't spoken jokes, if he finds it funny he will do it.

When Epitomb turned 20 he fought off and killed a tyrant that was taking over an area of a small villages. This made him a hero in their eyes however for him he was just causing trouble for a man who thought himself to be unable to be stopped. For him this was hilarious and a bluster of joy. He couldn't find anything else that made him feel so fantastic other than creating uncertain chaos. It was just his path that he followed in his Savante life.

Epitomb's youth was filled with battle, chaos, and drama but he felt himself falling apart when his parents died in their sleep. It was too peaceful, the Savante do not wish for a peaceful death. In effort to create more chaos he delved into Necromancy at the age of 6(Savante's aging and mindset are very different than other races). He managed to resurrect his parents a year later. They of course were not the same but they were proud no less. The more he delved into this he found weapons to use as a catalyst, these weapons were pistols, and this is also why he was so useful on the battlefield. Epitomb is insanely powerful in his own right but is beyond unpredictable.

Dual Pistols. hands.

Gunkata(martial Arts with Guns)

Fighting styles:

-Stance: Epitomb summons a nightmare from the souls he has collected behind him that hoovers. It follows all his attacks. The creature varies on type. It can be an undead animal of sorts or just some sort of ghoul. It's appearance only matters on how much reach he allows it to have. The ghoul is linked to him so he doesn't have to speak to control it but it usually follows up after his attacks unless he is setting up an attack. The ghoul itself has one of three status ailments at all times and it adapts to whatever it hits. All while still having physical effects as well(just means it physically hits the person regardless)

Soul tear For spiritual beings or beings with a soul each hit from the ghoul tears away at the persons soul itself. Eventually it will leave them as a husk. While it can slash and gnaw at the soul inside the target it is unable to pull the soul out of it completely unless the target falls dead. Think of the soul itself like blood splattering along the ground. The ghoul can lap up the soul that has hit the ground and slowly eat away the soul that has been torn out. However until Epitomb finishes the target off the Ghoul can not consume the entire soul.

Decay If the being that the Ghoul strikes does not have a soul the ghoul has a status effect of decay. Meaning that whatever is holding the creature together (physically) begins to decay. Be it flesh, which will rot, or metal which will rust (as examples) the victim simply starts to decay.

Venom If the other two status do nothing Ghoul will go to venom and poison the target with it's natural impurities being that it was built from the death, the ghoul itself is rotting. That rot gets inside of the blood or wiring of the person it is attacking and begins to poison them. This works against magical constructs as well but to a far lesser amount.


Spellweaving Spellweaving itself is hard to notice that he is doing but if you pay attention one can catch on. Granted that's if he shows you that he's done it. Epitomb will bright his guns to his mouth and begin to chant for a short period of time and a black substance will drip from his mouth onto the guns consuming them and lacing them with spells. At this point he simply states the incantations inside of his mind and fires his guns. Each shot shoots a different spell depending on what he wants the shots to do. These can change drastically from one shot to the next. Spellweaving is just the name of this particular fighting style.

Necromancy As it implies he has the ability to call forth the dead, and speak with the dead as well. However he takes it to a different level all together as he manipulates the dead souls and bodies into spells to attack. He does not simply summon undead he contorts them into bullets which is what his gun normally shoots when he isn't using Spellweaving. It's unknown how he stores the souls or where he holds them to use as his spells but he does.

In addition to this he can draw on the life force of others around him to grow stronger. So the longer he is in battle the harder the battle will eventually become. Whatever holds a being to this world in a "living" state he can pull from that energy to fuel himself. Making his stamina almost unbreakable. Almost.

Gunkata It is a martial art designed in which one uses guns as a base weapon. It is paired with kicks, sweeping and swift strikes as well. The goal of it is to be in the optimal position to avoid attacks and fire off attacks at your enemy. However the Guns can and usually are used as melee weapons when close quarters combat comes into play. Epitomb adapted this fighting style into his kit to make his movements more unpredictable.

capoeira martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics and music.It is known for its quick and complex maneuvers, predominantly using power, speed, and leverage across a wide variety of kicks, spins and other techniques. This particular fighting style goes hand in hand if you will with his Gunkata. They work in perfect sync. It is rare that he is forced to use close combat. However it is not rare for him to start with these techniques just to mess with people.

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