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le couteau du mal(the knife of malice)
this is a collection of my many many writtings
Character Profile : Kuro
Name: kuro

Age: appears seventeen

Race: "technocrat" a very rare breed of demon sold off to humans like slaves for their talents. They posess an unmatched ability to harness and manipulate technology to their will, shaping and adapting most anything mechanical.

Abilities/powers: technological manipulation, kuro's entire body is a very advanced machine (able to create weapons and other various things in place of his limbs. He will most often make either wheels or afterburners with his legs and either blades or cannons with his arms) he carries a few black orbs which contain multi-use nanite swarms

Bio: Kuro spent the better part of two hundred years designing and perfecting this robot body which has now taken full place over his own form of blood and flesh. after finishing it to a certain level he was smuggled out of hell by another strange figure calling himself alphonse. He has been running since his escape. He can best be described as oblivious or otherwise unaware of most things around him outside of anything "the five senses" can bring in. He is intuitive and very curious, a gentle and helpful youth

Appearance: red text, picture in signature

Character Profile: Alphonse
Age: Ageless but appears early twenties

Race: God of Chaos (though he dilutes his abilities and often wanders away from his throne)

Race Description: God of destruction and malice but dilutes his powers by dividing himself into seven separate equals

Abilities/powers:Carries two swords and a handgun all of his own design, His body is no longer solid and comprised of black smoke with variable densities, can travel as a black cloud or as wisps of smoke

Bio: Alphonse originated as a 'living cage' for the former god of chaos, Acheron as punishment for his frequent acts of malice. During such time Alphonse believed himself to be a shadow demon and lived his life as one. At some point during this time Acheron and alphonse managed to separate and the two battled, killing alphonse in the process. Mother Gaia, godess of creation, witnessed such action and seized both Acheron and the body of alphonse, and Acheron was tried before her council for his actions. He was then destroyed and his essence trapped in a crystal which was used to revive alphonse with Acheron's abilities and his stature as God of Chaos.

Apart from his duties as the new god, He frequents the mortal realms and often mingles with the patrons there. At one point he paid a visit to hell and smuggled out one of their technocrat demons named Kuro and smuggled him out of the depths. He now spends a great deal of time watching the youth and making sure he remains free.

Appearance: see signature Bold black text

Additional info: Personality traits: Morbid, relaxed, and often "bored" with 'life'

[What Became of They]
You know more than anyone i can take you away,
bring a heart like that back into a cloud,
scream away the pollutions that keep you from the stars,
pushing out the detours that keep your blood to flow.

to give peace and solace one just cause,
one last time, for you,
is an eternity of choices to me,
if we could really trade places where would you turn.

I can't help but to think,
is this really your last moment,
or is this deep down a worm of your greatest exaggerations,
i hate most that i doubt you in so harsh a state.

As i'm lookin back now that we're movin on,
you didn't die there but a piece of us did,
saw you the other day, as you laugh and you play,
with him in your hands in my head all i saw that day,

you say that you care,
yet i fail to see just how much i mean,
i try to keep walking now,
to build us a distance i know you won't cross.

I gave you a call,
one last time today,
i sat there in tatters as i waited it rang,
hung up once you answered, never heard from again.

I'm living dead
I figured i'd just vent for once, nobody reads this anyway.. For starters i don't feel human anymore, the only time i feel close to anything that resembles humanity is either with jackie or on the internet when i role play as someone else. I don't cut, but my actions with the energy drinks is anything but healthy. I do a minimum of seven cans in each sitting and run it out of my system the hard way, or...i crash and the chest pains kick in. i've not really loved a lot of life since i broke it off with manda, and since her i've just grown so disconnected with everyone. .. i can't even feel it when i bleed anymore, no matter how much or how little...I'm living dead.

[Wicked Rose]
User Image

Written over the same person

[Just Blank Hopes] 5/15/08
User Image

written over a certain someone.

[Rise To Heaven]

In life fleeting we find what it is to be alive,
though transient, this existence is meaning,
Henceforth we are as flowers to wither in the wrought of days,

Can you see in you what I had seen that day we met?
could you too, help but notice that that moment,
though short,
would stain us forever..

know that in death i will not forget,
this, we, us, you, and the now,
i watch you as you turn to shadows,

touch my face one last time,
as you too, recall every memory,
Remember me, remember us, remember we, remember everything.

Tell me we will meet again,
whether truth or fallacy,
i want to hear you say it one last time.

though heaven cannot be seen,
your eyes are to mislead you,
believe me as i am,
it is there.

A final Dance of lover boy
You build your walls,
to hide your heart,
closing you off,
from all their eyes,

You think yourself,
all alone,
I mean no harm,
but my dear you are wrong,

You think you're the only one,
who's life spirals down,
in all walks of life,
your problem's heard,

you hide yourself within your broken walls,
you cry at night and you call out loud,
where stands your salvation,
a relief from dark clouds.

I say now that i can hear you,
on those nights you sit in your room,
look up to the ceiling,
and wonder what became of your savior,

Such a wonderful child you were and you are,
but you destroy yourself to keep you safe.

[Morphine Drips & Hospital Stays]
[Morphine Drips & Hospital Stays]

Give me the morphine,
Relieve me,
I don’t want any of this,
The pain of life;

This bittersweet sensation in the hospital bed of my existence,
Watch me as I fall from it all;

That dark temptation,
Birthed from the desire of ever-sinking hearts,
Tearing the bed-ridden asunder;

Such a soft drug it is,
Creeping in with paradoxical dreams,
Teasing, taunting, clenching, cutting,
Cut…me…free, I plead in vain;

I want to cry, such a distant ability,
When will they bring me,
Bring me the sleep,
The endless slumber of the life-deprived;

It hurts here, one more day,
I carry on, never really wanting to,
Just hoping…hoping I might,
Some day pull through;

machina alphonse
Community Member
machina alphonse
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