Ok so I had such a Creeper dream last night. I dreamed about working for Zhivago, the White-haired vampire dude from Manga. It was so creepy! Ok, so in the beginning, I was having dinner with my family in my dining room, and this white-haired dude jumps into the room and everyone is all like "o_o WTH?" He just stand and stares for like 3 seconds, then he shoots my dad in the stomach. I try to help, but this dude threatens my mom. He says he won't kill anyone if I come with him, so I agree to come. Then he shoots everyone crying and grabs me and we run away into a forest. He tells me that there's a portal to Gaia(here) in a sewer pipe, and that he's a Vampire. We get to the portal and we "Poof!" into a building. Sitting in the Chair is tiny Don Kuro(I had no clue he was 400 years old. He looks like he's 6 or something.)
Somehow my dream gets as far as me getting bitten by a Vampire and going unconscious, and when I wake up, I have a freaking GLOVE on one of my hands, and it has a star on it emotion_donotwant . I try to take it off, but it seems to be stuck to my skin, or part of it. Getting desperate, I begin to scratch at my skin.
"Stop trying, only I have the key to take it off," says a voice, and I look up to see and elf. Don Kuro. gonk I cleary have read too much Manga. This is just a small part of my dream. Comment on my profile, and if I get 10-20 requests for the whole thing, I'll type up the whole thing, even though it's a little long.