My attempt at making a "short" story:

She'd sit there for hours, crying herself to sleep. No one who cared, no one to talk to, no one to hear. Hear who mistreated she was. To hear about how she felt living in that desolate place. She had no friends, for everyone always thought she was crazy, or just liked being alone. Alas, no one saw the tears she cried or her longing. That was until one faithful day.

The girl would always wake herself to the grocery on Thursday. Unfortunately, no one ever warned her about the oncoming dangerous predators. Those blood-lusting, ruthless being. The way they acted was almost inhuman with the slaughters and crimes they commited. A caution to people everywhere, except this one little girl.

She had all the essentials for her home. A small jug of milk, a loaf a bread, a tiny tub of butter and a bottle of water. As she was leaving, the contents in the bag made her hungry, for she had not eaten in 3 days. Therefore, she ran into an alleyway. A dire mistake for the young girl. This alleyway was pitch black, only rats and stray cats, on the brink of death could be heard.

The milk was pulled out as then, she accidentally knocked it over. A small kitten came out the shadows to lap up the milk. As the girl was stunned by the creature's actions, she had missed the danger creeping towards her. She had now befriended the kitten and was petting it as she was gripped up.

"She's a little cute thing isn't she?"

The unfamiliar voices and the harshness of these people had her locked in shock and she stiffened. The men shoved the poor girl upon the wall. With a hidden knife, they harmed the poor girl. Slashes, cuts, bruise were planted on her skin. She cried for help but no one came to her rescue. She figured this was the end. She came in this way and she'd leave that way. The girl closed her eyes, waiting for the seeming inevitable death.

When she opened them, there was not a soul to be seen. Only a flurry of golden-white feathers falling beautifully to the ground. As she held on that hand touched her head, she was amazing by these beautiful feathers. She peered at the darkness to see a figure approaching her. Frightened, she backed up until again hitting the wall. She fearfully had closed her eyes again.

Then, all became still. Opening her eyes, she was being held. Her eyes glanced up to see an angelic figure. Golder locks and cerulean orbs. The smile was warm, a friendly and loving smile. Instantly, she realized that this was an angel. An angel that graced her with his presence. He placed his hand on her stomach, and watched it glow.

All her bruise, cuts and slashes were healed and disappeared. She looked at the magificant being that was carrying her. Some many questions flew around in her head. Who was he? Was he going to hurt her? Why was he here? What was he? As she looked down, she saw that the kitten was following them. Then, the man said something:

I'll be there for you, ok? There's no more need to worry anymore."

The girl finally had someone who cared. Someone she could talk to. She had a shoulder to cry on and someone to laugh with. She had her very own....

Guardian Angel.