Somewhere i Belong
Chapter 2

Her body hadn’t stopped shaking as she watched the other being before her.
She still couldn’t believe that she was looking up at the face of a giant...
Who shouldn’t exist, but was sitting right in front of her.
It looked as interested in her as she was in him.
It was a he, right?
Well from what she could see in the dark, yes it was a guy.
Seeing him blink his eyes again, she watched as he tilted his great head like a curious puppy, and saw his hand reach for her.
Her eyes widened as she saw this. Letting out a yelp, she bolted up onto her feet and went behind the tree she had her back to, hoping to create space between her and the giant.
She gritted her teeth together in pain and looked down to see her bleeding arm that the bear had caused.
The giant seemed startled from her sudden movement, for he had retreated his hand back.
Blue eyes glinted in curiosity and worry as they looked at her, an expression she didn’t often see when people looked at her.
Most people didn’t show any interest in her and usually ignored her if they passed her on the streets. If they did look at her they usually sneered and gave her dirty looks, as if she had done something wrong.
The giant, however, didn’t give her looks like that. And if she looked a little more deeply into those eyes she would have seen a hint of loneliness in them.
The giant then made a noise sounding confused on why she was hiding behind the tree.
So then he tried to inch closer and reached out for her again.
She jumped when she saw him reach for her again and subconsciously hugged the tree and cried.
The giant paused again not quite understanding why she had shouted at him. He then caught a glimpse of her bleeding arm.
His eyes seem to widen as he saw the wound and subconsciously reached a finger to touch it.
She jumped again, letting go of the tree as she stumbled back in fear.
“No! Don’t touch me!” she shouted, tears welling up in her eyes, crying.
She didn’t like people touching her; all it brought was pain and misery to her life.
Oh how she wished she could go back to those happy days, when her parents were still alive.
Oh how she wished...
The giant blinked as he looked down at her, not understanding why she was crying but wanting so badly to just reach out and comfort her.
Instead, he backed away from her giving her some room and sat down, accidentally knocking a tree over in the process as he watched her.
He had the expression of embarrassment as he carefully watched her. From what she could see in the night, light pink coated on his face.
To her, though, seeing him knock down a tree even though by accident, was a perfect example of his strength and what he could do to her, making her fear him more.
So making sure she was a good enough distance away from the beast of a man, she carefully sat down on the cold, hard forest floor staring at him intently with untrusting eyes.
She could try and run but doubted that she would get away. It was already hard enough for her to outrun most people, let alone a giant.
So she planned to wait for the giant to fall asleep. Then she would make her great escape!
All she would have to do is wait...
Taking her time, she began to scan her eyes over the giant, seeing what she could see in the moonlight.
Well, besides his blue eyes that seemed to swim with emotion, she noticed that his hair was a dark brown, it was short cut, but looked soft to the touch...but there was no way she would touch it! No way!
His face was actually rather handsome, looking slightly older then her.
As she was studying him she suddenly felt herself give a yawn. All that had happened today had really drained the energy out of her.
But there was no way she was going to fall asleep in front of that monster!
He was probably planning on snatching her the minute she fell asleep, and would probably eat her or something like that.
The thought of it made her shiver.
So there was no way she was going to let herself fall asleep, no way!
She found herself closing her eyes.
She would rest her eyes, but there was no way she was going to.....

When she woke up the next day, the sun shining in the sky, she was surprised to feel warmth surrounding her body. Normally she would wake up feeling cold, not warm.
But as surprising as it was, she embraced it by letting out a content sigh and snuggled further in to whatever she was leaning against. It wasn’t every day that it was like this so she would enjoy it while it lasted.
As she laid there thinking to herself, she couldn’t help but notice the light breeze that blew on her ruffling her hair. It wasn’t cold or anything but blew in a certain pattern. And as it continued the more curious she became.
Feeling more awake now, she slowly opened her eyes to come upon pinkish flesh.
She felt her heart stop for a moment as she saw this, memories flashing back to last night.
The river! The forest! The berries! The bear! And the...
She found herself turning her head slowly to the left as her gaze met the face of the sleeping giant who apparently crawled up next to her during the night and now was asleep, with his arm lightly pressing her against him like she was a teddy bear.
Very softly she tried to tug herself out of his hold. But soon found it useless as she never got anywhere. Even though he was gentle, he had a good firm hold on her.
With one last tug she collapsed and gave up.
She gave a pout, if she hadn’t fallen asleep last night this wouldn’t have happened.
Suddenly there was a low mumbling sound, and she felt the giants arm twitch.
Her eyes widened, he was going to wake up! Oh great.
She braced herself waiting for the giant to open his eyes.
But that didn’t come. Instead the giant made a sound of contentment and fell deeper into sleep, and pressed her more against him.
She eeped in surprise as this happened, and struggled against his grip, but once again gave up. Great, now she was more stuck than 5 seconds ago.
Looking around her feeling bored, she caught herself looking at one of the hands of the giant. It looked pretty scratched up and sore.
That must have been when he had grabbed the bear when he! He didn’t save her! He was probably planning on eating her later.
Yeah that’s what he was planning. She was sure of it.
Looking back over at the giant`s face she nearly jumped when she saw two blue eyes open, wide awake and staring right at her.
She tried to scoot back away from him, but found it difficult as he was still pressing her against him.
The eyes blinked at her in a lazy fashion, probably still sleepy since he just woke up.
Then lifting up his great head he opened his mouth wide as he yawned.
She shrank back as she got a good view of his teeth. Those teeth looked like they could crush anything, including her!
After having a good yawn the giant’s gaze locked back onto her like a magnet.
She could feel herself shaking nervously as he kept on staring at her.
“Well...” she spoke suddenly not being able to take in the silence anymore, “a-aren’t you going to e-eat me?” she asked, stuttering a little.
The giant raised an eyebrow at her as she spoke, and lightly tilted his head to show his confusion.
“You” she said as she pointed to her mouth opening it wide.
He blinked at her as he watched her then widen his eyes in understanding. Quickly he shook his head in response and stuck out his tongue showing disgust. He couldn`t even imagine eating her, why would she think that?
That gave her some relief...but he could still crush her if he chose to.