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New Things Discovered
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[☼] Basic Character Information:

[ -~X~-]True Name: Lady Shiah Juniper Iris LeFalenor.
[ -~X~-]Nickname(s): Shi, Zita.
[ -~X~-]Affiliation: Darkfangs Clan and the Nightfang Guard.
[ -~X~-]Occupation: Servant to the Darkfangs.

[☼] Appearance:

[ -~X~-]Appeared Age: Early 20's.
[ -~X~-]Actual Age: 758 years old.
[ -~X~-]Date of Birth: July 12, 1254.
[ -~X~-]Gender: Female.
[ -~X~-]Sexuality: Heterosexual.
[ -~X~-]Zodiac: Cancer.
[ -~X~-]Place of Birth: A kingdom in a nether region where her grandmother rules the land.
[ -~X~-]Race: Born with a skill for shape-shifting to any species of creature imaginable, Lumerian Elf for now.
[ -~X~-]Heritage: Learning hand-to-hand combat, Tai Chi (Chen-style t'ai chi ch'uan, Chen style is characterized by Silk reeling,
alternating fast/slow motion and bursts of power) and swordplay that's been passed down for generations.
[ -~X~-]Height: Varies with form taken, for now, 5’ 4”.
[ -~X~-]Weight: Varies with form taken.
[ -~X~-]Build: Athletic/Toned/Slender.
[ -~X~-]Skin Color: Pale white/pink.
[ -~X~-]Blood Type: Unknown.
[ -~X~-]Natural Eye Color: Light blue.
[ -~X~-]Natural Hair Color: Varies with form taken.
[ -~X~-]Current Hair Color: Light blonde.
[ -~X~-]Hair Length: Back of hair bunned 2 inches from shoulders, the rest shoulder length except the bangs.
[ -~X~-]Hair Style: Straight/Wavy.
[ -~X~-]Defining Facial Features: Soft skin, yet subtly shocking to the touch. Bears a heart-shaped scar on the left cheek from her mother before her.
[ -~X~-]Dominant Hand: Ambidextrous.
[ -~X~-]Speech Patterns: Cheery, sometimes blunt, straight-to-the-point, hardly gets irritated.

[☼] Family:

[ -~X~-]Marital Status: Single.
[ -~X~-]Birth Father: Sir Gallant Nathaniel Stayne III (Deceased).
[ -~X~-]Birth Mother: Lady Eliza Julissa LeFalenor (Deceased).
[ -~X~-]Siblings: Only Child.
[ -~X~-]Best Friend: Unknown.

[☼] Personality:

[☼] Major Personality Traits:
[ -~X~-] Intelligent.
[ -~X~-] Wise.
[ -~X~-] Passionate.
[ -~X~-] Conservative of power.
[ -~X~-] "Law of Detachment" mindset.

[☼] Likes:
[ -~X~-] Loyalty.
[ -~X~-] Honesty.
[ -~X~-] Justice.
[ -~X~-] Respect.
[ -~X~-] Reason.

[☼] Dislikes:
[ -~X~-] Liars.
[ -~X~-] Compulsive violence.
[ -~X~-] Abuse of power and pride.

[ -~X~-]Bad Habits: Being blunt unwillingly, she can seem offensive, but she only speaks the truth.
[ -~X~-]Good Habits: Hold high respect so that she could get the same in return. She is very generous when it comes to helping people.
[ -~X~-]Best Memory: When she found out her true power.
[ -~X~-]Worst Memory: Witnessing her mother die on her birthday.
[ -~X~-]Proud Of: N/A.
[ -~X~-]Temperament: Very level-headed and neutral to everything. Pretty difficult to get under her skin.

[☼] Friendships [Allies]: Darkfangs, Pravus, Castigare, Reavers, LaCour, Shoukin, Cassiel, Dra`ken, Blacklust.

[☼] Rivalries [Enemies]: None of real note.

[☼] Quotes:

“With every person you meet, you can change their lives forever, especially your own. Everybody can make a difference."

[☼]Brief Biography:

[ -~X~-] It started in 1252 when her Lady Eliza was living on her own with her two sibling brothers when her training master, Tybalt, tells her of a mission she's destined to take out. Beforehand, the sinister sorcerer, Erron the Wretched, challenged Eliza's grandmother for control of the kingdom. His black magic was no match to her light/cosmic magic. After the match, and near death, Erron was banished to the farthest regions from the kingdom in the deepest parts of a forbidden forest where he resides, bent on revenge to "claim what was rightfully his." Years later, after Eliza's grandmother's death, her mother claimed the crown, making Eliza the next heir. Erron receives word that there was a third generation born. During training in an field 10 miles from the kingdom, she was confronted by Erron. He challenged her to a spar, her not knowing who he was in the first place. They clashed blades, her giving him a scar on his left cheek. He felt for his face, charged at Eliza with an orb of black magic and she was defeated. As Erron loomed over her beaten and unconscious body, he lifted his hand and burned a scar into her left cheek similar to his. When she awoke, it was almost dark and Erron was gone. 10 years has passed and Eliza decides to move out of the kingdom with her two brothers as she still practices and trains with her mother's master, Tybalt, while her brothers play chess and study the ways of leadership, just like their grandfather, a reknowned commander that was Killed in Action. One day, after shopping, she was confronted by a beast of unknown species and wasn't able to examine it until after slaughtering the creature. She thought it seemed familiar, but she shook away the idea. On the same night, Tybalt tells her that she has a journey that she was destined to take ever since they were confronted with evil when her grandmother was in the throne. Eliza agrees to accepting this destined mission and goes out to find the one who bore the scar on her face, threatened the kingdom and wanted revenge against her family. Along the journey, she runs into Sir Gallant Nathaniel Stayne III, attempting to stop her from getting to her destination. Sir Gallant was from a rogue tribe 100 miles from the kingdom. They were warriors who pillaged, plundered, murdered and robbed any village they felt like coming across. Gallant was hired for assassination by Erron. But unbeknownst to Gallant, his target was a female. This being so, upon seeing her, he was awestruck by her beauty, but didn't let that stop him from killing her. He challenged her to a death match and flees three times before Eliza reached Erron's forest. She stormed into his chateau to find nothing within sight. Our from her right flank, a burst of black energy and she dodged just enough for the blast to skim her clothed shoulder, now singed with holes. He then emerged from the shadows from his private corridor, his face painted with a sick grin, as he prepares for combat. Seeing this, Eliza's scar throbbed painfully as she was thrown into a sick nostalgic moment. She has fought him before. She had no trace of memory of this until now. He then performed his second attack with another blast, this time more focused and she whipped out her weapon, Crystallium Nigrum, as it shape-shifted into an axe, deflecting the blast from hitting her. She then rose to perform her first strike, lunging at his stomach and he used a field of force to throw her against the wall. This causing frustration, she thought to herself on what she has learned about magic and its weak points. Sneaking into the shadows, she silently creeps about the room for a blind spot Erron might have. For a diversion, she wakes up a fleet of bats that were sleeping on the ceilings. They all flew down and surrounded Erron in a black cloud of screeching and flapping mammals. Erron was trying to fend them off shooting dark blasts in every direction. When there was an opening, Eliza jumped from the balcony, unsheathed her dagger and planted it in Erron's skull, twisting it to snap his neck and render him lifeless. She hopped off his shoulders as the body fell limp with a heavy thud on the floor. She stares at the corpse as it withers into dust before her eyes, leaving behind the robes Erron once wore. The following month during training, Eliza was confronted by Gallant once more, but not for a fight. He knelt on one knee and confessed his love for her. 6 months later, they were married and after another 9 months, their only child was born; Lady Shiah Juniper Iris LeFalenor. It was then 1252 and Eliza's mother becomes queen, relieving her grandmother of the throne. A tragedy took place. Shiah's father, Gallant, was murdered by his tribe for betraying his people marrying those of royal blood. After hearing such news, Eliza and Shiah run away to a far away village to take refuge. It was because of this, Eliza gave up combat to care for her only daughter. When Shiah turned 180, she moved out to live on her own. Since her mother gave up combat, there was only one person to teach her; Tybalt. 20 years she has been in training and was nearing her 200th birthday. The 200-year mark was when her mother promised to pay her a visit and spar with her only daughter, to see where she stands in level of combat. They were in the middle of exchanging gifts when the village was being bombarded by two rogue warriors. Eliza told Shiah to stay indoors as she bolted outside to see what was going on. She climbed onto the roof as Shiah snuck out the back door to observe what the commotion was about. One of the rogues pointed her mother out and mentioned something about her father before drawing their weapons. She tried to tell them that she was unarmed and gave up combat many years ago. In mid-sentence, she was harshly interrupted when one of the warriors threw a dagger right at her mother's chest. She fell to the ground after the blade collided with her heart and collapsed with a cloud of dirt as her last breath was forced out of her lungs. Shiah witnessed this, and upon watching this, she became blinded with fury. She went inside and opened the present, finding it was her mother's weapon, Crystallium Nigrum. Holding it tight in her palm, she focused on the weapon and watched as it took the form of a halberd before she darted outside and climbed her roof top. With a yell of pure rage and sadness, she lunged off the roof between the two warriors, eyeing her opponents and her surroundings. During all this, something happened within Shiah that snapped. Suddenly, her body felt a surge of some type of charge, but she paid no attention to it. The warrior on her left charged at her with his sword drawn. She gave him a glance from her peripheral vision and leaped into the air before striking at his chest, sending over 50k volts into his system, blasting a hole through his person. As the body fell, she landed on her feet, gawking at what she had done. She turned back to the other warrior and noticed him staring with his jaw dropped as he dropped his weapons and tried to make a break for it. He didn't even get 20 feet away when he got jumped on with the halberd delivered into his spinal column along with the same shock intensity. He fell as she stood on his back and yanked out the weapon from the corpse's back. She looked up and saw the whole village was staring at her. Standing idle for what seemed like hours, attempting to give thought into what had just happened, she ran back into her house, packed up things only for travel and left the village without saying a word. After a year of traveling, she looks back onto her training. The best way to aid in mastering her new power was to meditate and do tai chi on a regular basis. Practicing her breathing was very critical if she's to master her new power.

[☼]Offensive/Defensive Traits:

[ -~X~-]Defensive Tai-Chi: With this defensive trait, she lets the attacker throw a kick or punch and she would exploit the attack, turning the attack back upon the opponent with hardly any effort needed or wasted. This makes the attacker wear out faster during hand-to-hand combat.

[ -~X~-]Full Swing (only for the Flanged Mace): This allows for a unique attack. The person wielding the Flanged Mace will strike up to 3 adjacent targets in a single swing. The first target will be attacked with the strength of 3 bulls; the second (either left or right of the holder of the mace) with a forceful blow of the same force; finally the third (behind the holder) with a swing accompanied with a electric shock of 50k volts delivered to the opponent.

[ -~X~-]Electrokinesis: Shiah has the ability to manifest and manipulate electricity and other forms of static charge using mental ability and thought.


[ -~X~-] Crystallium Nigrum: The very weapon that acted as a family heirloom since Lilianna's great-grandfather wielded this weapon. Passed down to her, she cares for it deeply and never lets it out of her sight. It is a crystallized, shape-shifting weapon. It can change form depending on the situation it or the holder sees fit. ~In order for it to shape-shift when the holder wishes, the weapon must agree or it will not take the form as the holder wishes.~ It can change to one of three weapons; a flanged mace, an axe and a halberd.

Shiah LeFalenor
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Shiah LeFalenor
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