The main day's that we have seen along our lives, has ended, the world now inside a barren wasteland, the entire wages of Sin and Hate have released themselves out along the entire wastes of the land.. many people have held the lives through as mutated human's and other number's of ghouls and radiated animals roam the land, the entire army now in ruins, the government dead and done with..

Life begins anew, as a series of vaults and a series of new technologies are discovered.

You live in this large vault, under the rule of an overseer... And under the many guards and troops that have taken overt the large livable community.. A water Purifier, and a large set of meals, no one having ever entered or left since the bomb's dropped, with hundreds of years passing, as generation after generation came and left the world..

Colonies in many vaults set around the land, the wasteland of Washington... Now shown across many other's as the total number of faction's and the total number of human's diminished...

Factions arose as they tried to enter the vault, never having any technology to enter any of the guilds, the minds taking in the most information of this world.. now we wonder what to do because we have no idea, do we hide in fear until the vault doors open, or to we open it and let the outsider's have a chance...

50 years have past, and the knocks fell silent on the door, many thinking they had given up and ran for it towards another vault, no human thinking it possible, now in the year 2193.. approaching the new year, another set of bomb's dropped again diminishing the number's of human and other mutants..

Life as we knew it was over.. as the year 2200 hit.. Now you take over.. as a simple Vault dweller.. or a new combatant out in the lands of the wasteland.. You choose.. It is your.. destiny...

No Auto-killing
No Auto-Controlling
Be literate.
Don't God Mod.
No posting in to places at the same time.
When you leave off somewhere, always include where your going..