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Political Opinions Here I will copy and paste the present day opinions that I have on our government.

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Don't Ask, Don't Tell
If you’ve read my opinion on gay marriage, then you would obviously know that I’m pro. I stated that the government should have no stance on marriages. There is one thing that the government really should take control of, allowing gays into the military. I do not believe they are going about everything in the right way though.

Take the place, (unless you’ve been in the situation before), of a person who’s friend of the same gender isn’t exactly straight. When you found out, you were no doubt having thought that they may like you, have interest in you. It would creep you out for a while before you really become fully comfortable with it.

When filling out the forms for the military, there’s a section where you have to list your sexual preference. Should this really be here? Is it even a need-to-know basis? Nope.

People seem to be under the influence that gays are interested in any person of the same gender that they may come across. They may have a crush on someone of the same gender, but that surely doesn’t mean that they’ll jump on you in the middle of the night and rape you. Not even most gays would do that if stuck in a tent with those of the same gender. They would look, sure, but not touch most likely. There’s been a long history of gays enlisting in the military; none were discovered to be gay until their duty was up. And what’s so bad with just looking anyways? In locker rooms, we look at each other all of the time, straight or not. We like to compare ourselves, maybe we’re just curious, regardless of the reason, we all do it and it’s completely normal.

I am a proud bisexual. I’m not afraid to hide it. But so far, it looks as if the government won’t allow me to fulfill my dreams of becoming a Navy Seal, the one thing I’ve dreamed of doing since before I can remember. Pretty soon, I will end up being afraid to tell anyone.

Before you start arguing this issue with me already, I’d like to point out, that I have done my research on the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell debate. Don't Ask Don't Tell is the current military policy concerning homo and bisexuality in the armed forces. It passed as law in Senate on September 9, 1993 and in the House on September 28, 1993. Basically, it states that the armed forces can continue to remove homosexuals from its ranks once it becomes known that someone is gay. However the military can no longer ask you directly your sexual orientation.

Believe it or not, some people should have the right to express themselves. If a gay were to join the military, they would find themselves oftenly pretending to gawk at pictures of the opposite gender or take place in the racy conversations.

Homosexuality should have no place in society or national stances. No one cares if a gay or bisexual sits next to them in biology, so why care if they sit next to you in a cockpit?

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