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Cave of Wonders
Oh goody another one XD
Morons haunt us
UknwnConfusion: Can you guys buy me a pole better than this one? any pole?
Shouri: nope
Shouri: can't buy poles for other people
Zilleniose: Go get one.
UknwnConfusion: I odont have much gold
Zilleniose: Plus it's a little rude to just ask someone for something like that.
Shouri: earn it then
Zilleniose: Exactly.
UknwnConfusion: It's a videog ame/.. how is it rude?
Zilleniose: This isn't a video game.
Shouri: because everyone else tries hard to earn money
Zilleniose: Yes.
Zilleniose: Earn it like everyone else does.
UknwnConfusion: Yes this IS a video game
Shouri: if you rudely ask for handouts, not only is it showing how bad you are at earning things
Zilleniose: No it's not. o.o
Shouri: it's also a sign your a newb who won't try
Shouri: and it's not a video game, it's an online community
Zilleniose: Yup.
Shouri: if it were a video game, we wouldn't be real people now would we
Zilleniose: We'd be NPCs
UknwnConfusion: JUm.. there are ideo games with people you ******** morons
Zilleniose: XD Ha. n00b.
Shouri: Language pal.
Shouri: And yes there are. They're called RPGs
Zilleniose: There are no video games with other actual real people in them.
UknwnConfusion: Oh wow.. You can talk leet.. Arnt you special?
Zilleniose: There are MMORPGs, and online communities.
UknwnConfusion: You think your cool becuase you can type in leet? Well.. your not.. that makes you a ******** loser t
Shouri: You are clearly a 12 year old if you're going to behave that way. Grow up a bit
Zilleniose: HA. Spelled it wrong. It's |_337. And no, actally, it scares me.
UknwnConfusion: You ******** no good peice of s**t
Zilleniose: ^^ Gotta be nicer to people.
Zilleniose: Ya just gotta know there are real people on this community too.
UknwnConfusion: what room is this?
Zilleniose: And that you need to respect that.
Zilleniose: .....No, it's a community.
Zilleniose: Fact is, there are real people out here.
Shouri: Don't bother arguing with an illiterate, Zill. Clearly he has no idea what he's saying.
Zilleniose: *Sighs* Oh well.
UknwnConfusion: It's an RPG.. wich is a form of VG
Zilleniose: Was thinking I could help him.
Zilleniose: Guess not though.
Shouri: IT's an online community, not a roleplaying game. a game has rules
Shouri: and regulations how the characters move and act
Zilleniose: Well, techincally, this has rules too...
Shouri: it follows ONE set storyline
UknwnConfusion: If you wanted to help me you would of bought me a rod you moron
Zilleniose: OMG XDD You sound like a toddler.
Shouri: And you can remember that your actions are being monitered
Shouri: Your abuse will possibly result in being banned from the site if you continue this
Zilleniose: Well, one less rude person out there...
Shouri: Try and treat others with a little respect, unless you have none for yourself.
Zilleniose: It's elementary. ^^ I guess he didn't pass fifth grade yet.
UknwnConfusion: Hey dumbasses.. I am a video game technologist.. I design video games.. THIS IS A VIDEO GAME
Zilleniose: LOL You have to pass elementary school to get a job.
UknwnConfusion: iv made 15 games on addictinggames.com
Shouri: Right... sure you do. If you truely did, you wouldn't make that kind of mistake.
UknwnConfusion: im in college you homo
Shouri: Ah so you made games on a website.
Shouri: And i am fully employed in the broadcast industry, Sir.
Zilleniose: Riiiiight.
Shouri: You will behave yourself here, and stop using such language.
Zilleniose: A college student wouldn't act like that.
UknwnConfusion: wow, grow up you little immature basterds
Shouri: Precisely
Shouri: You might try heeding your own advice.
Zilleniose: o-o I know my father quite well actually.
UknwnConfusion: See you later ********
UknwnConfusion leaves the chat.
Shouri: finally he left
Shouri: *sigh*
Shouri: *saves this convo*

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And for pity's sake, why oh why, ask i, do people sell back items in the marketplace for HIGHER than what you can buy in the store..... It baffles me. No one would pay more if they're smart enough... are enough people THAT dumb that they'd pay more than you can buy in the store? for example, toe socks..... they cost 404 g. people are selling them for 1500 gold in the marketplace....


Return....from boredom
Ok, so absolute boredom has finally prompted me to poke my nose back on Gaia, if only to find some rps to tide me over at the moment....

It's weird starting over with nothing again, like i'd never been here, all that money and time wasted....

But it feels good too, thankfully I don't plan on making the mistake of actually PAYING for donations again... ouch that cost me out of my wallet a bundle...

La lah la

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