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old one

Can you hear me?

My guider, here you are
protect me, from the lover afar
come save me, bleeding on the ground
there's a whole in my heart, and it can't be found

What am I gonna do, I'm bleeding all over you
take away this pain,end my suffering
my eye sight has fade,I'm failing to stay wake
my breathing is kinda shallow,
that's how you know I don't have long . . .
. . . I'm dying... can you hear?. . .can you hear??

Why is it so dark,
Why am I alone,
I'm shouting in the air, Is anyone there
Is it only me here, then I hear him say
Hello! My darling, I been searching for a long time,
A decade, and now your here with me,
we can finally forever be. . .
listen to my voice, and you can find me...

I opened up my eyes, what a surprise,
you were specking to me this whole time...
just had surgery, and it saved my life
My guider forever to be protector
I see how you love me from just saving me
you fixed up my heart, when it was torn apart
struck with a knife,I guess my love wasn't doing it right

And here's a second chance,
to redeem my romance
with no one else other then my protector
hand in hand
swirling me around
*whispers in your ear*
This is the BEST dance
. . . can you hear meeeeee!

But Is It True?

How can you trust someone right away
when all they do is give you a word to say
"believe" I trust in you, but is it true??
I know I do!!!

I would never do anything to hurt you,
but to put a smile on that face,
try to do it everyday
make you laugh, don't wanna make you cry
you deserve the best, as so do I
But is it true??

The heart can deny, what it wants
if it isn't enough, I'm pretty sure you got it on hold
My heart unfolds, all my deepest secrets
my life is spread like a deck of cards
I hope I grow up and go so far,
so far with you, is where I wanna be
but is it true??

But is it true, everything I say is true
I just wanna be with you
wrap my arms around you
cuddle right next to you
bite your lip and suck it deep
make your face a nice cherry red

Lay next to you right in bed
Stare in your eyes
What? Such a lovely sight, touches your cheeks,
and there's a smile, there's something I haven't seen in awhile
and yea it's true this is all for you. ♥

Captured, Tamed, Owned

Cinderella tell me another story,
is there someone out there for me
is it a warrior, a shiny knight,
an animal that can tear out my inside or
perhaps a prince, I don't mind the sweet type...

Can it be from like movie scene
just you and me, dancing at the ball
the clock strikes 12, I'm under your spell
The beast in you is coming true...

You Captured my heart that night
Your form changed over time
The beast is there when I look in your eyes,
but I cant help to deny,I still Love you like I do.
That's why I'm here by your side...

Your gonna be Tamed when I'm done with you
know what to wear, know what to do
love is hard to find, when someone is hurting inside
you gotta be brave, speck smart,
show you care in way's they understand....

Your so Owned, I can see it on your face
All that hidden pain, Is washed away
let me kiss you, so you can be my prince too
I'm happy to say I'm captured, your tamed
we're both owned...
it's the end of the game
let's just both run away...
My Forever Beast-Prince. <3

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