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Here be Lamia I'll probably shoot in a few crazy items in here. Meh.

I Am DakeDesu
Community Member
One of these journal type things
Hey there Nintendo Chalmers,

Looking at what Gaia Online offers... and I really do not understand the appeal.

To be fair it is better than Vampire Freaks. That website annoys the frak out of me... "oh, we are so weird and strange, and if you disagree with us YOU ARE ONE OF THOSE CONFORMERS TRYING TO GET OUR HIGH DOWN."... as a response to anything questioning anything they say. Intelligent, foolish, stupid and.. oh dear what did I just look at. It doesn't help that most of the clan invites are for "how to make my page ugly and annoying as ********" and "This clan is for models" and "We are different--no not really--but if you tell us we are normal we will stab you" and "we discovered this internet website and ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US--lol internet memes" and "We think 4chan is awesome--we never go there though"

This website--its a bit more relaxed I can see.

We have the standard mockery threads (get called troll threads, they are not, come on people) that are enjoyed here. We have madness. We have weirdness. We have people giving bad first impressions then back peddling from that. It is kind of like I jumped onto how the Internet worked for communities from ten years ago.

Its like most of those places I use to enjoy, but started to suck after a while. Mostly due to issues with scaling, crashes or the community... oh dear lord the community. Bob and George ended up sucking after a bit--until it pretty much died in 2010. Maneko is kind of an idiot. Gamedeveloper.Net is long since gone. GameDev.Net... just, no--avoid that place: it is pure rubbish. Futanari-Palace has hit enough crashes and upgrades and my own stuff in life, that it kind of is not very navigable. Though that is true for most porn picture websites that have not moved to Imageboard or Booru formats. I would check out The Pokemon Community... but... it pretty much has made me learn a new found hatred for the Pokemon Fandom.

To be fair... I have been avoiding my GamerDNA page a bit too much.

Though yeah... this website might be fun.

Goals for things to mess with:
1. The marketplace. I'm gonna see if I cannot gather like five thousand twigs. Maybe fifty thousand twigs. Put them all at 1000g. See what that does to their price, and its effect on how things work.
2. Further market place experiments based on the results of the twigs thing.
3. Mess with my zOMG power ups and weapon choices.
4. Get to becoming a Devil Imp by the skin type thing.
5. Figure out the whole "outfit selling" thing.
6. Maybe do that "pay 10$USD to Gaia a month" thing... see what that gets me.

Next few goals for achievements:
1. Get 100 Posts in the Forums
2. Vote in a Poll
3. Make 1M in the market.
4. Bidding war
5. Out of Stock

Also want to figure out how that Badges things works in zOMG.

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