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My Part in This Legend.
New RP (u/c)
With little else to do, you find yourself scouring the shelves if the library of middle age England. Roaming through branch after branch, you encounter no book that peaks your interest. After hours have passed and night has fallen, you scan through the Archives’ branch one last time before you retire home to your chambers.
Oddly, a dark book steals your focus. It laid discreetly on the top of other books and stood out from the near complete oak-brown color of the room. You retrieve the book from its resting place and inspect its surface. Your efforts proved fruitless. The book was completely black all around; no author, no title, nothing. Intuition wards you away from the mysterious item but curiosity is an overpowering weakness…

You have sealed your fate…
By opening this book, you have unknowingly delved into matters far greater than you could imagine… For within these pages are hidden secrets. Secrets that if discovered, your very existence will be jeopardized. Only danger and death awaits those who discover this book. Knowing this, what will you do…?

If you close this book now, your life will be spared. However, this book will vanish and will not be seen by your eyes again… But if you decide to learn its contents, you endanger everything and everyone dear to you. All that you’ve accomplished and achieved to this point will no longer be of importance.

The choice is yours…

What is it that you have in your hands that could bring about so many explicit warnings of eminent peril? What information stored inside this book could possibly have you murdered over? Fear grips your soul but the thirst for unraveling the secrets inside is maddening. You stare blankly at the page before you, noticing the second page is empty of words. All it would take is a simple turn of the page and hopefully, all will be answered. Enough was enough, you pinched the second page and turned it… Changing your life forever…

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