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Me Cosplaying Damien from South Park

emotion_kirakira emotion_bigheart BETTER THEN NOTHING! emotion_bigheart emotion_kirakira
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Art drawn by gayface-bee


Short Intro | Personality | My Real Life | My Online Life


I N T R O D U C T I O N //

Ƞame: Courtney S.

Ƞickname(s): Mura, Kiko, Alex, Moe, Hunter etc.

Ⱥge: 18

Ϩexual Ѻrientation: Lesbian And happily and hopefully taken

Яeligion: Satanist


βirthday: Nov. 30, 1993


☜♥☞ Photography

☜♥☞ Cosplaying

☜♥☞ Anime & Manga

☜♥☞ Drawing

☜♥☞ Bondage

☜♥☞ Boobies

☜♥☞ Cats

☜♥☞ Video Games

☜♥☞ Dark Things/Creepy things


☢ Preps

☢ Ghetto Music & People

☢ Dogs

☢ Girly Things

☢ Grammar Nazis

P E R S O N A L I T Y //

Well to Start off, I am Bipolar and Very Shy so just a warning to others who try to talk to me.

I can be very mean sometimes to others, then be to nervous to speak. I don't mean it, it just comes with the Bipolar & Shyness.

I'm very Lazy when it comes to doing some things.
I'm a procrastinator as they call it.

I can be very Stuborn as well.
But i'm not always mean and a jerk.

I can be a happy-go-person at some times.

I'm always up to making new friends and trying new things.

I can be very over protective of people I care about, so don't mess with me, when i get into mama mode.

R E A L L I F E //

In my Real Life I have Tons of friends who are always there for me- (LIES)

My Best Friend I've known for 6-7 Years STILL talks to me and I don't know how she can still stand me :'D

I am learning to Speak Japanese and German.

I am a Cosplayer. It's my Life.

I'm finally done with High School.

Hopefully going to go to College in Canada.

I also love to take Photos.
I take Cosplay pictures, Family Pictures, and Any Random Thing I can catch on Film.

I live in my Aunts Cold Basement, cause I'm to poor to live on my own (but yet I can get Cosplays?!)

I LOVE to Swim. I swear I'm like a fish person (Feferi from Homstuck ♡)

If i'm gone for long periods of times it means that I am most likely sick or in the hospital.

I was born a very sick child so I do not mean to worry you my friends.

I have Carcinoid Tumors in my intestines, and Liver.

I don't have the money to get surgery, and by the time i do get the money, the Tumors would be to much to remove causing the surgery to be risky and may cause death upon.

So I try to live my life as much as I can.

I had a rough childhood growing up. With an Abusive Father things falled apart in my Family, as i grew up following in my mothers foot steps.

I'm not the type of person that will say "I love you" So Easly.

following in my mothers foot steps i ended up in countless abusive relationships, where it took a toll on me, closing me up more and more everyday.

I don't even say it to my friends nor Family anymore, as I was hurt by them too.

Even My own Mother I don't say it too.

O N L I N E //

Now that I have internet at my house, I will be on much more.

I have a few things i love going on.

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Deviantart (Cosplay/Modeling)







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