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Spewings of Doom
Random Rants about Random Reactions
Selective Rping
Well I've been on Gaia for over a year or so now and have determined that the majority of people whinning about the crappiness of rps out there... are right. It's a rare this to actually find someone that you can learn from and improve your own skills. NO ONE IS ABOVE LEARNING MORE!
Yeebus, I'm so sick of people claiming to be Literate and still only stand around and wait for stuff to happen. I mean, at least in my mind, being Literate means you can bend the laguage to your will, even if you can't spell worth s**t (ie: Me) and creativity is a dying thing these days... Oh and don't let me get started with these 1/2 vampire 1/2 human 1/2 fallen angel.... etc. People really don't know how to add, or are ... no wait, they ARE stupid. I'm all for originality and all, but when it becomes so horribly common and spam like (because most of the players who use these can't write worth a damn) that you're really not very original anymore.
But I've been thinking, maybe these poor saughts just can't make up their minds whether or not there character should have wings, or suck people's blood or be normal looking... or whatever the frack.
Me, personally, I like to stick to Full blooded creatures seeing as NO ONE really plays a solid, evil DEMON anymore... or a full blooded ELF... let alone the unmagical powered human. I mean playing the poor dumb slob who can't controll the events around him can be quite entertaining I assure you ^_^

Oh well, I suppose that's enough ranting for today
Cheers, ninja

My poor wrist
It seems I've been talked into doin' gaian comissions once again... blarg, I was hoping to not do that anymore... either way I've got alot of drawings to do.. Whee.
I guess I should be more optimistic about this... maybe I should see it as a training oppertunity. Yes, that's it, training... yess... ninja
Anywho, I made you read this! Feel my power! BWAHAHHAHAHAh twisted

Ah, the bloody stump that used to be my hand.
I am so horribly stumped, it seems like I've hit this giant writers block. I can't think of any new ideas to continue my many rps. The only ideas I DO come up with are more like parodies as they have nothing to do with the current flow of the story...
Thus, I'm irritated quickly when my many, wonderful co-authors post something new and different.
Blah, I say, Blah
Oh well, I guess the only cure for this is mashing my face agaisnt the keyboard like so: gfvtbfgvffgtvghhjnujhmjk2486tg
Whee, that was mature and constructive stare
Cheers all

Art Shop
Woot, I've finally made a bloody art shop. And it looks like my art style is rather popular sweatdrop whee
I just hope I can keep up to demand.

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