Disclaimer: I once again use the term goddess, loosely. She is among the angelic council, who used to rule the heavens alongside her twin sister, Nektaria. Despite this, they are very different.


In my canon Bridgette (also known as Yue) provides a more reasonable voice to Nektaria's recklesness, and eventually becomes an antagonist who then simply becomes an anti hero.

After the shift in the worlds after a large battle with The Sins, Yue was sent into a different world than her sister, and her soul resided in a place where she could not remember her past. She woke up in the hands of some folks who took her in and raised her as their own after she was found on the street as a young girl.

As she got older she discovered she had dominion over water and ice, feeling most powerful during the night, and in specific, when the moon was full.

Name: Bridgette/Yue (depending)
Gender: Certainly female
Sexuality: No known biases or preferences
Age: Appears to be in her twenties.
Personality: Pessimistic, sarcastic, curious, dry, teasing, blunt, unrelenting, intelligent, somewhat reclusive, perceptive, mildly insensitive, logical.

Random facts:

A fallen angel in her own story; in the WG it depends on the time and place of interaction -- has background in the secret FBI as a double agent working for the humans who wanted to capture and kill mythical creatures, but her loyalties actually lie with the mythical creatures (as she is one) -- is fashionable, but generally in lolita or punk/rock styles -- sketches to get her mind off of things -- always goes for what she wants.