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My Rants/Problems/Whims
I just plan on writing things that I'm passionate about at the moment. Things that come across me and irritate me that I feel the world should also know about if they choose to read my words. These are my personal beliefs and aren't meant to persuade
Really? Pics?
Two entries in one day...lucky you!

Alright, had to rant about this. I have a rhetorical question for you: Why would you ask someone for pictures of themselves after talking (poorly) with them for 15 minutes? Who does that?

I really forget how stupid people are sometimes and why I avoid talking to people on the internet. People are scum (generally) and it's really sad to see so much potential go to waste.

Oh, and a bit of advice to people who DO ask for pictures from random people on the internet: Don't call them self-centered after they reject you. Just admit you were a dumb-a**, apologize and leave them alone. If you want to act like an a**, that's fine, I just hope those being asked for pictures have enough brain to shoot you down.

Act like human beings, not trash.

Cursing-- Taboo or Just Another Word?
When I had a Facebook, I made a little entry about this before. I'm a fan of cursing. Not saying I curse all the time...just a lot of the time. Anyway, I like to argue with people about cursing and how NOT wrong it is. So, let me first start off by saying: THERE IS GOING TO BE A LOT OF CURSING IN THE ENTRY. Don't like cursing? Leave. Now. Before you get sucked into my babble!! 3nodding

Alright, so to my first point. 1.) Curse words are just words. That's right, I said it. Because that's all they are. It's all in HOW you say something, not what you say. You can look at a dog and tell it "I hate your ******** guts" but in such a sweet way, he'll think you're about to give him a cookie! On the flip side, you can tell him "I love you little fluffy nugget!" and in such a way that he thinks you're upset with him.

"But, that's a dog, people are smarter than dogs and we know what the words mean..." While that's true, people forget we are just animals too. Any word can sound negative if used in the right way (or perhaps wrong way). If I wanted to and if I could get a large enough group to contribute, I could make "side" a curse word. You go around to enough people calling them a "side", at first they might brush it off thinking your a dumb-a**. Eventually, though, they'll understand "Oh, they're trying to hurt me by saying this word...I don't like it!"

On to my second point. 2.) If you can say the substitute, how can the real word be any more wrong? We make substitutes for curse words all the time. Don't believe me? Here's a list:

s**t - Shoot
Damn - Darn
******** - Freaking
b***h/d**k - Jerk

And that's just the basics. Now, if I'm aloud to say "shoot" instead of "damn"...well, let's see, it's the same context...the same meaning...Hmm...

Now, if you're the kind of person that says, "NO! No cursing or substitutes thereof!!" I'm going to think..."Alright...You're a little nuts, but at least you're consistent."

You can't have one over the other. You need to understand the connection of substitutes and the real deal. They're just words-- remember that.

Quilty Nenniger
Community Member
Quilty Nenniger
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