Gaia at times can be very stressful all those mean people and those stuck up bitches that say their better then you.. or making fun a newbies! Newbies are just regular people who may not have a very great experience nor good clothes to's sort of like going up to some person who has ugly clothes and telling them "hey get lost or your ugly" Just remember we were all noobs once we were all bullied once.

I don't have swag

Sometimes I blurt things out.. or I follow people around... It's because right now I've been trying to find my way in Gaia and where I fit in. I don't believe in Dating on the internet like serious dating, but if it's just silly pretend then that's okay. Lol what's with the word swag? is it like the new cool? some person wen't up to me and told me "you got no swag pink lady" lol I guess i don't