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RigRabbit II's Dream Journal A journal full of my dreams....

PigRabbit II
Community Member
The Stone of Legend
The Amara: an ancient people to whom the stone of light belonged

The stone: has the power to bring light to even the darkest of places

Soaring (protagonist): Brown hair, blue eyes which are changed to white hair and golden eyes; fair skin; short temper; afraid of dogs; fights a lot; believes that he will be reincarnated as a butterfly; class clown; loves to draw; likes broccoli; hates carrots; likes birds; age-16

Alicia: blonde hair; purple eyes; fair skin; obsessive; romantic; smart; clumsy; kind; afraid of stairs; patient; likes chocolate; hates strawberries; loves dogs; annoying; age-14

Plot: An ordinary boy finds the stone and is infused with its power of light. His appearance changes as well as gaining the spirit of light’s conscious. Occassionally, the light spirit gathers enough strength to break out, making it seem like Soaring is schizophrenic.

One day, Soaring is attacked by the dark spirit (who had been searching for the light spirit) and is forced to escape. He is proclaimed missing, and many people begin to suspect his father of murder. Soaring runs into a girl who is the descendant of the Amara people (though neither knew it at the time) and she falls in love with him. Alicia, to his annoyance, begins to follow him wherever he goes.

He is searching for the ruins of the Amara, where the final battle was supposedly to take place between the darkness and light. When he finally finds the ruins, he realizes that only an Amara could unlock the door. Frustrated, he turns to leave, and Alicia stumbles out of the bushes and trips. Soaring tries to catch her, but she stops herself by catching her hand on the door, accidentally cutting it. The door unlocks using her blood somehow.

Inside is an old arena, and as they enter in awe, the air before them begins to shimmer like a mirage, and thousands of people wearing brilliant colors appear in the stands, noisy and busy. A black silhouette is suddenly at the other side of the battle arena—the darkn spirit. Soaring steps in, unable to contact the light spirit within himself. He fights with all of his might, but it’s not enough. Finally, he sinks to his knees, unable to continue.

Then he says that dark cannot exist without light and light cannot exist without dark. Therefore, wouldn’t it be possible to co-exist in harmony? At that, the light spirit manifested itself outside of the arena, and the spectators slowly faded away. The dark spirit also disappears, leaving Soaring and Alicia alone. Soarings second appearance remains, evidence of his adventures.

Finally, Soaring returns home without anyone knowig, and suprises everyone the next day at school. Alicia also transfers to his school and they get together.

Back at the Amara ruins, a black and white stone sit side-by-side on the pedestal.

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