this is my new story about a girl named Madison harley!

A small girl with dark hair and brown eyes lived in a very small city, she went to a school called "Old Richward School", it was a high school for students that always kept the average of 80-85% lowest. Her name was Madison Harley, she enjoyed this school because of the great teachers and very nice friends. It was First period, Madison had 3 test, a math, science, and Spanish. She was, ofcourse very ready for the tests, while her friends Sarah, Emilie, Joanne, and Ali were very worried. "Don't worry guys, you'll do fine!!" Madison said with a smile on her face.

When that test was done Madison had the Spanish test right after, then after that the science. When all her tests were done she had a free period to do whatever. She usually sad by Derek Richward's Statcue. Derek Richward was the founder of Old Richward School. After a whole period of freedom, it was back to work. With 2 periods done, only one was left, History and P.E. Madison was walking home from a hard and long 3rd period, although it was a normal day, it felt like the day was 48 hours instead of 24 hours. When she got out of history and P.E, she left in a rush. She had noticed that it was raining, she had a 5 min walk, she rushed back in and got her umbrella. she put her coat on then left for home.

Her mom was waiting for her in front of the door(inside of course). Her mom was waiting for the marks of the nationwide exams, she never scored 1st but always 3rd, out of the whole nation, but this time she had scored 2nd. "Would u like anything Madison?" asked her mom, "No i'm fine.", her mom replyed back "If you do then just let me know." Madison sure felt on top at the moment, when the rain setaled Ali and Joanne called. "Hey madison, wanna hang at the mall with me and Ali?", "sure, one sec." After Madison had asked her mom, she left.

Chapter two is coming soon!! Pm me if u read this and u like it, if u do like it i'll put the 2nd chapter up A.S.A.P!