so like, mom had an accident with a box cutter a little over a month ago and couldnt work, so we couldnt pay rent and had a month to move out. then we couldnt pay electric/water so we lost that too. we went to stay with her boyfriend in his camper 30 miles away for like a week and everything was as chill as it normally was but then they tell me i have to move another 100 miles away. and im like bro that ******** sucks balls. but im like 75% over it emotionally,a nd i figure i can bottle away the rest until after the move is complete.

except now mom and the bf are doing that thing where they break up for a while and we have basically no money and nowhere to stay, and nowhere to move to since hes the one who bought the house we were going to move into. and no one ******** tells me anything because apparently i freak out too much and im too much of a ******** crybaby nerd, so im left in the dark about whats going to happen. her bf is kind of a creepy weirdo anyway, so its like w/e, but the financial support was nice.

i mean maybe it wouldnt be such a big deal if i could at least get a minimum wage job, but i cant ******** work anywhere because im too young and i have school.

and now im upset because a tthis point i dont know when/if were even moving and its pissing me off and so ******** frustrating uuu gu u u guguhgughHGUGHJGUhgu

go sh this sucks major balls