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Not Boring Sandwich
You tired of the boring sandwich? Spice it up like I do! A non boring and HEALTHY lunch.

- Bread; Fav of your choice. I prefer 5 seed bread.

-Mayonnaise; Whatever you prefer. I like it nice and fatty. >=P Worried about that? Don't worry, you can let somethings fly. Just exercise it off. Try dancing, it's a good fat reducer.

-Two or three spice that go good together. I like garlic salt, johnnys, and pepper. My sig ingredients

-Your fav sandwich toppers. I like tomatoes, bell peppers, honey smoked ham, green onions, "red" onions THEY LOOK PURPLE!!!, lettuce NOT SHREDDED and fresh from the head. I prefer the crisp and green part. If it's too green; it's all nasty and slimy. If it's white; then it has no flavor. jalapeno,

I like my bread toasted, then I spread the mayonnaise on, season it with my 3 fav seasonings, then i just pile on my other things.

On the side; have a small fruit bowl, 2 or 3 pieces of a verity of fruit; peach, mango, pineapple, grape, orange, strawberries. I like caramel as a dip, but a healthier choice could be yogurt, it tastes good with that too.

Also some veggies on the side, broccoli, carrots, cucumbers, celery. I like ranch as a dipping sauce, but you can try a healthier choice, like raspberry dressing.

And for a healthy and still delicious drink ONLY FOR WEEKENDS;
Mimosa/Bellini,---- in case you don't know how to make it. It's pretty simple, some say that it's peach juice or peach puree, but really it's good with different fruits also, mango, strawberry, pineapple. Experiment, it's fun. Whatever suites your fancy.
Anyhow, The Bellini cocktail, is alcohol, but I've been drinking since I was in elementary, one or two of these are fine. Even for an underageling. Just make sure if you are underage, that this is okay with your folks AND if you do this at a friends, in case your lightweight, ONLY be around people that will protect you. You don't want to wake up with parts of your body bruised and bleeding.... but i'm not gonna go there, just be careful when you drink, don't be around anyone that would take advantage of your drunkenness, DON'T BE AROUND POOLS or be in a bath. Unless your tolerant, even then, please be wary.
So you will need;

2 oz of your fruit juice, get some fruit and a blender and puree that s**t.

4 oz of Champagne.

Some fancy people call glasses "champagne flutes", yeah i know, i think it's silly too, i just use whatever glass fits all the liquid. =D My fav mug is my German Beer Boot..... first time... yup, right all the face... took me a while to get it.
Anyhow, you pour your juice/puree stuff into your "flute" then slowly add your champagne.

If your not sure on what type of champagne goes best with a Bellini, ask your local wine and champagne stores. I prefer Prosecco though.
But just have fun with it. Make lunch fun. You deserve it.

P.S. You can put a whole piece of fruit with your drink, add some cute things, umbrellas, etc.

Like this picture down here, you can layer it, NOW THATS FUN. I love kiwi's.

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  • [03/24/13 10:02pm]
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