Well guys for those who may or may not know, I enlisted in the U.S. Army in February to pursue my dream of being a famous chef one day and now I am finally leaving for basic training for a good long 4 months starting the 21th of June. I will miss all you guys! ^_^

From this moment forward my baby Dilia will be running the shots on my account, so remember, when your pming me, SHE'S GOING TO SEE EM AND READ EM!...and who knows she might respond back...BUM BUM BUMMM! scream

lol So yeah Gaia has been so fun for the past 3 or so years, finally I am taking a long well deserved break from the drama, the s**t talking, the smart asses, the bullshitters, the haters, the players, the hos, the skanks, etc, etc, and worst of all watching good relationships break before my eyes. Boys...and girls, the little Stry you all know is stepping in a boy, and coming out a proud soldier, wish me luck during basic training guys, stay sexy, love yall!

Special Thanks to the special people who made my gaia life special (damn that was a lot of specials), I'll never forget you guys.

Pvt. Max M. aka XxStryferxX