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探偵 D e t e c t i v e - N e a r

choco stylo
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I ßέg סּf סּץu tסּ lέnd mέ סּץur pסּωέr
Lέt’s crέặtέ ặ flặωlέss ωסּrld...

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Akane sighed, in more of a happy way, as she could finally see the familier hotel coming into view, her arms felt slightly heathy from carrying the two large boxes, but being carfull to not harm the cakes in anyway. After all she did pay for them with the money she earned, she didn't want it to just go to waist know did she? Upon arriveg to the hotel she stood infront of the glass doors figuring out away to opening them, She some what tried to reach it with her right hand, putting the majority of the weight of the boxes onto her other hand, but only making this situatin worse, she was about to drop them until she caught them quickly. "That was too close" She mumbled to her self as she looked about. "You'd think atleast one person would be happy to help" She said with a pout as she tried again, but before succeding, a hand went infront of her, pulling the door open. She looked up to see none other then Light Yagami, cheif Yagamis older son.

"T-thank you" She said gratefully as she walked inside as well as Light, he simply smiled and nodded. "I'm guessing your heading up to L?" he questioned. Akane shyly nodded, as they walked towards the elivator. He had pressed the arrow pointing up. As Akane and he waited patiantly for the elivator to arrive, once it did, they both stepped in at the same tiem, as Light pressed the flow number. Though Akane felt some what nervouse around him, since L did deduct the possibility of him being Kira. As soon as the elivator opened, she was the first the walk out, waiting for light, as she didnt want to seem rude, They both walked down the hall with silence, until they stopped at a certain door knocking. Akane stood patiantly with one of her small smile's. "I see you brought something for everyone" Light said suddenly taking her a bit off gaurd. "Yes i thought everyone including you should have a treat" She answered back smiling. Yet the silence come again. Akane hoped that the door would be answered quickly.

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'Hah, finally I've done it!' Light thought to himself practically cried with joy, he had beaten L, the task force was shocked, as Light held the fallen L, making as if he didn't know what was happening, faking basically. He was sure good at it though. Light watched L's eyes slowly shut, he secretly smirked, now no one would stand in his way to creating a new world, absolutely no one. But if anyone dared, Light wouldn't hesitate for once second to kill them off, by writing their name into the death note. Suddenly everything seemed to blur. Light found him self kneeling still, but L a long with the task force had disappeared. "Hey light" He looked around, but he couldn't see anything "Light!" The strangely familiar voice come again. What was happening. But the worst thought entered Lights head. Was this merely a dream. He become angry at the thought, not wanting to accept that fact.

Lights eyes opened, a light groan escaped him as his eyes adjusted to the surroundings of his room. "It was only a dream yet it seemed so real" He mumbled to him self, as he ran her hand through his hair. "You sleep like a rock" commented the shinigami, seemingly floating next to his desk, Ryuk's gaze was on the Death Note, as if wondering the amount of people Light had killed so far. "Shut it Ryuk" Light said, he pouted in his anger, oh how he wanted the dream to have come true. He blamed the Shinigami for even waking him up from the best dream he'd had in, let's just say his hole life. He stood up sitting on the side of his bed. Only wearing a pair of jeans he'd slept in last night. He had no top on though. Ryuk seemed to watch him closely, well it's what he did all the time. "Damnit Ryuk, you had to go and wake me up didn't you?" He said as he finally began to calm down, fully standing up, he walked over to the window, looking up at the sky. "One day L, you just wait and see" He said with a smirk, thinking of L's death.

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