Slowly I began to regain consciousness, lifting my arms up I hear the sound *clank...clank*

I slowly take in my surroundings, starting to regaining my eye sight. I look down, it seems what I fear has come to fruition. My hands are bounded by handcuffs, I look around...looks like I’m in some kind of jail cell, I try recalling what has happened,... alas I can’t seem to recall how I ended up here.

I hear foot steps coming my way... stopping at my cell.You awake yet? The quiet female voice says.

Who are you? Where am I ?! I Shout.

Shhhh!!,Otherwise the guards will hear you!

With the rustle of keys, then a clunk, my cell door slowly opens. In the dim light of the moon, the female figure come into view. Her Hazel eyes sparkle in the dime moonlight, with Hair a green seaweed colour.She had the kind look of someone one who has found a lost family member.

Do you remember me? I don't. I say.

.....I’m one of you Allies, my name is Dina

Your name is Alice and it seems you have lost your memories due to a tragic event.

Dina then proceeds to unlock my chains. I rub my wrist softly.

Come with me Alice, we have to leave before the guard wakes up.

We proceed to slowly but carefully pass a guard asleep on the ground and through a secret narrow opening we exit outside. It was already dark out, but it felt good to not feel trapped. I was still of course cautious of this person named Dina, even through she seemed trustworthy my gut told me to never completely trust anyone.

After going into the forest, Dina made sure to see our surroundings before creating a make shift shelter and fire. As I helped make a fire she said, “ Alice, I thought I’d never find you, there’s a lot of things I want to ask you but it seems I can’t due to your amnesia.”

“ Alice, I’m your dear best friend , I know it’s hard to believe but trust me please. We also have to meet with the others, they’re so worried about you as well”

My best friend?

“I can’t wait til we meet up with the others there’s two other boys who you’re friends with, one has issues but He’s kind hearted and puts everyone before himself and the other boy can seem scary but he’s also kind!.”