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Arxce's black book of random things and/or thoughts
I guess what the tittle says should be here....
The Kor
There is a group of people, er... creatures, more like, that should be made known. They are known as the Choar, phonetically spelled: Kor. Should you encounter one, I would suggest fleeing, however, if you're skilled, you might be able to win. Two of them, I would highly advise running. Three or more, I would tell you to give up, because there's no escape for you at that point.

The only remaining team is comprised of five individuals of extreme talent and power. Not to mention they were the only team to survive during the Choar war and was granted perpetual reincarnation. They may die, but their bodies will vanish and reappear back in their lair between dimension, whole and ready to fight within a day.

Their motive for fighting is not for any vanity reason, but merely to retain the balance between realms. They are charged by the Gods to do this task since the Angel of Destiny fell oh-so-many years ago. Instead of being able to weave fate, they kill and destroy anything that has, is or will alter the balance or the predestined path of life. So, technically, they're just doing their job.

I have, through my connection, obtained profiles on each member, though their lacking in a few details. During my stent as a bodyguard for a young goddess-to-be, I was lucky enough to encounter one of them and survive. I would suggest reading through this and memorizing the contents as it may save your life.

This is the leader. Usually he won't fight as I've heard he dislikes it and even uses a defensive style of fighting. Don't be fooled as he can hold his own with the best and was the one who defeated the corrupted Choar member that was able to destroy the other four teams of the Choar. He managed this in a one-on-one fight. Not much else is known about him other than he uses two blades, is well versed in demon magic as well as close quarters combat and is rarely ever seen without Kri.

An original. She was created during the first attempts to make the Choar and was labled as a failure. She is mute and narcoleptic as well as underdeveloped in the respect that she looks like a twelve-year-old. Scheduled for destruction after Deacyper and his brother, Taon were created, Deacyper was the one who stepped in and saved her. Due to this, she rarely ever leaves his side. It's rumored she's extremely powerful, but I have no proof of this.

Deacyper's brother. The Choar were created in a common zone between Heaven and Hell in a lab setting , so there shouldn't be any blood relations. However, Apparently, when the 'egg,' as the reports called it, opened, there were two Choar within, Deacyper and Taon. Taon is more extreme and outgoing and is the one that I faced personally. He fights with a long gladius styled sword and is a master of wire. He depends on range in his fights and will usually keep his distance since he's only decent at close quarters combat. Because of this, be weary if he attempts to battle close, for it's most likely a setup to try and entagle you in the nigh invisible wire he uses. He usually operates individually as his method of fighting can be hazardous for the other members if their too close to him.

The youngest member of the Choar. She is another ranged fighter who uses a spear/halberd combination; a staff that has a halberd at one end and a hooked spear on the other. She's rumored to be the specialist in Demon magic and knows most all spells and circles. Her spear is most likely used to carve the circles to create area spells that alter reality and normal laws of nature around her. I would go out on a limb and say she would most likely be paired with the last member of the group, Raze, since she lacks the strength to hold her own in prolonged close quarters combat.

The Tank. This is someone I have little information on as the only person I know to have faced her has kept her lips sealed on the matter. What I do know is that she is about seven feet tall and weilds an axe that's as tall as she is. Apparently the blade takes up most of the axe as well. She's supposed to be devistatingly stong, but I'm not sure as to just how powerful she actually is. She is most likely paired with Khyla since Raze lacks the finess to defeat opponents at long range.

And that's the team. Thanks for reading and I hope this helps. Just make sure that if you're in the area when they attack someone, don't get involved. If you see one, the others are never far. Best course of action is to just run, run, and keep running.

My journal has teeth and an apitite
At one point in time I had several decent journal entries that I would have liked to have kept, but for some reason my journal seems to have eaten them. I guess nothing is left for me to do other than to start rebuilding it from the ground up and begin with my ranting and ravings of simple-mindedness. I'm sure everyone who's reading this is thinking 'Oh God, why did I have to choose his journal to read?'

Well, at some point in time I'll post something worth reading. It will most likely be humorous. That or I'll just talk about my experiences in Iraq. Those are always good for a laugh.

silent solitude
Alright, the title's a bit overdramatic, but I seem to ahve a flare for that. Though, at the moment, it's rather justified. Perhaps I'm going to emo on this, but... sigh, I'm getting that feeling that everyone I work with absolutely hates me. I don't know why. I'm quiet, I stay out of the way, I do my job and yet I still end up getting chastised for things I don't even know I had to do. I'll get yelled at indirectly. A superior will turn to my boss and yell at him about me, so I hear the speech that's about to be regurgitated to me. I'm feeling rather stressed. I'm so used to being in a relationship and now I honestly feel sort of alone. I mean, I have friends, and I love my closest friends, but I'm never able to bring myself to spill my problems to them. I mean, I'm always the go-to guy when it comes to life issues. But who does the go-to guy go to when he's got issues?

All this on top of pure sexual frustration is killing me. I'm celibut in this warzone, not to mention on shift with 5 other guys. We talk about our emotions and our likes and dislikes and- wait, no... that would be a lie. It's more like a 12 hour fart/gay/racial/practical joke session. It sounds like fun but, just theres too must testosterone.

*pulls out microphone, switches to his deep announcer voice*
Next, the premire of 'The Bachelor: Arxce edition,' staring [glamourshot]Arxce[/glamourshot].

Who will be the lovely bachelorettes competing for his heart?

Hi! and welcome to my corner
First, if you came here cause my sig ordered you to, then you need to go one entry down and fill out the little quizzle-liz thing. After that, feel free to wrap your mind around mine, trust me, it won't be hard. It's the ego most people have trouble fathoming.

So anyways, on with the entry!

Well, I'm back in Iraq, where the heat is like an oven set on 350. Everyone who resides here and is forced to wear a uniform, IBA(the combat vest with the bullet proof plating in it), Kevlar(helmet), and tote around an M-16, making us all preheated and ready for any home cooking show. It's so hot here that our bonfires' seek shade. One day the coals in our grill asked for a glass of water... said they were too hot.

Alright, so it wasn't that hot. I made that stuff up. No really, I did. But if you want to believe that coals talk and that fire needs shade, then go rigth ahead, I'm not stopping you. Hell, I couldn't stop you. Well, I could. I do have a rifle and a lot of ammunition. I would be able to stab you. ...with bullets. I'm sure that will end your thoughts. But that's violent, and violence doesn't solve anything. Actually it solves a lot, but killing doesn't. And if you wish to protest to me that violence truely doesn't solve anything, think of a house and think of each nail that holds it together. They were driven in with violence. It may not have been a true violence, but a malicious nature was used to pommel the nail into the wood. Also the wood, hunks of tree meat severed with a chain saw and massive grinding metal rotary blades. Violent? yes evil , very twisted .

*sigh* I used emotes. I'm not the biggest user of emotes, but then, I guess I'm just using it as a segue into another ramble session. Hopefully I'll remeber that I ended with emotes. That way I'll know that when I start to write up the answer to global warming to stop, erase, and start with emotes. Global warming can wait for the proper segue.

omg, if you made it this far I love you,
Arxce ~<3

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